As captain and driver of the Jamaican national bobsled team, I depend on my eyes to get our sled across the finish line first. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those people born with perfect vision.

Winston Watts | Captain, Jamaican National Bobsled Team

I asked my optometrist about LASIK surgery and he recommended that I travel from our team training camp in Wyoming down to Utah to visit Hoopes Vision.

At Hoopes Vision, I was impressed with everything: the clean, modern facility; the warm, friendly staff; the extensive collection of equipment; and the doctors. The day of my surgery was smooth and totally stress-free. The day after surgery I was already seeing close to 20/20 and my vision continued to improve rapidly. I’m back training with my team, only this time without glasses or contact lenses! Thanks to Dr. Hoopes and everyone at Hoopes Vision, we’ll be “The Hottest Thing on Ice” once again!