Hi, my name is Taan Robrahn and I was a member of the Australian National Snowboard Team (Boardercross). I competed on the World Cup Tour for six years and represented Australia in three World Championships.

Taan Robrahn | Former Professional Snowboarder

I recently had LASIK at Hoopes Vision and it is AMAZING!!!! I have better vision now than I did with contacts, and it has helped with my snowboarding as well.

The final tipping point where I knew I had to get LASIK was at a race in Canada. I was getting warmed up before my qualifying run and one of my contacts got dry and popped out into my goggles. As I took off my goggles and put my contact on my finger a random gust of wind came and blew my contact away. I ended up having to race only being able to see out of one eye. It had to be one of the scarier situations I have been in, hitting a 70-foot tabletop jump with three other guys right next to me. It probably would have been scarier for them if they knew I could only see out of one eye!!!

I figure that when it comes to your vision, you need to do your research and choose the best. Hoopes Vision was the most professional and experienced eye center I have ever been to and I would trust them with my vision any day.