After spending over 30 years requiring assistance to see and attempting to lead an active lifestyle, I was more than ready to get rid of my glasses and contacts.

Steve Spencer | 2X National Champion BMX Racer / Global Sports Marketing Manager / Cycling Sports Group

But like most who are considering eye correction surgery, I was concerned about who I could trust to perform the procedure. Over the years, whenever talking to anyone who had LASIK or PRK done, everyone who had gone through Hoopes Vision had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Hoopes, the staff, and how well they could see.

Growing up bike racing – and now working in the cycling industry – I now think back on all of the issues I dealt with like fighting wet, dirty, or fogged up glasses, or contact lenses shifting around in my eye, drying up, or falling out. My vision was very poor, and coupled with my astigmatism I did not think I would even be a candidate. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Hoopes Vision put me through the most thorough exam I have ever experienced and determined that I would benefit best with the PRK procedure. I can honestly say that my life has gotten easier with not having to deal with corrective lenses and I enjoy being active without the restrictions I have experienced in the past.

I highly recommend that anyone who is considering LASIK or PRK see Dr. Hoopes. They will be glad they did: I know I was.