My decision to get LASIK was a very important aspect of my life because of what I do for a living; my business and whole livelihood depended solely on the success of it.

Shelly Bohman |

I did extensive research and decided after careful consideration, that Hoopes Vision was THE only choice for me. You see, I also perform very careful and precise procedures that require perfect vision. I’m working on clients who depend on my skills and professionalism; their face and beauty are in my hands.

In my business, Permanent Cosmetics of Utah, I see a vast array of clientele with requests such as permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areolas, scar camouflage, beauty marks, etc. It’s my ambition and goal to do my very best for every person I work on as they are a walking advertisement of my expertise. I had full confidence and faith in Hoopes Vision to deliver the results I needed to deliver the best results in my work. Trusting my eyesight to Hoopes was easy when I learned about their high quality and the latest technology that would be used on me. Thank you, Hoopes, for making my experience one that was comfortable and rewarding. I highly recommend everyone to go to Hoopes; I refer all of my clients to Hoopes Vision. I trust my vision and the vision of others to the highest quality of LASIK at Hoopes Vision.