INCREDIBLE! That is all I can say about my LASIK procedure! Hoopes Vision is the most organized and personable group of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

Michael Wiggin | Software Quality Assurance Engineer

The technicians and optometrists were extremely thorough with my eye exams before and after my procedure to rule out any possible complications. A member of the Hoopes Vision staff guided me every step of the way which really helped keep me calm and relaxed. My LASIK procedure was extremely fast and PAINLESS! Literally minutes after my LASIK procedure I was able to read the words on the nearby buildings without my glasses! My vision was 20/15 the next day! Words cannot describe the happiness I feel waking up every morning and being able to see the world without glasses! My LASIK procedure has been so much better than I ever expected!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Hoopes Vision to ANYONE seeking out the best in vision correction! Thank you, Hoopes Vision for changing my life!