My experience with Hoopes Vision was incredible. The doctors took a genuine interest in my situation and made sure that I received an exact diagnosis of which laser they needed to use on my eyes.

Jackson Emery | Former BYU Basketball Star and All-Time Steals Leader
If there was ever a doubt about the risks or professionalism of LASIK, Hoopes Vision removed those concerns. They were very professional and thorough. The day of surgery was not a stressful day of any sort. I was amazed at how short the surgery was. But I was even more amazed at the immediate results. The day after surgery I had 20/15 vision and was able to see 20/10 characters by my next doctor’s visit. Dr. Hoopes and his team are one of the most qualified practices in the country and on top of that, they have the best equipment available. Due to the results and the experience that I have had, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to wake up and have their vision back. Without a doubt, this was an easy decision for me and Hoopes Vision made it everything I had hoped for.