I am an independent Doctor of Optometry located in Richfield, Utah. I have worn glasses and contacts for over 15 years. I wanted to have LASIK refractive surgery for many years but didn’t feel as though I was a candidate.

David M. Graf, OD |
The lasers at Hoopes Vision are state-of-the-art and very fast. I have worked with Dr. Hoopes referring patients for many years and have had wonderful, exact outcomes every time. My patients have been so happy with their improved vision. My experience with LASIK at Hoopes Vision was life-changing. It has been such a joy to have LASIK done by Dr. Hoopes. Every day is like Christmas. I am a father of two children and a very active athlete in many different sports. One day while snow skiing my contact lenses got blurry and I crashed. I called Dr. Hoopes right there on the ski lift and schedule my appointment for LASIK. My high-definition vision has been amazing ever since. I am a triathlete and I love that I don’t have to hassle with glasses or contacts, and the way I can see when I swim, bike, or run without corrective vision. While golfing, I can see the golf ball better than I ever could with glasses. Life is so amazing without glasses. The staff at Hoopes Vision makes it such an easy 5-star experience. Thank you, Hoopes vision you have changed my life forever.