I was a near-sighted little kid from about the age of 12. Actually, I was nearsighted at a much earlier age, I just didn’t know it. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12 and I was thrilled.

Bill Allred | X96 Radio From Hell DJ

I could see the individual leaves on the trees. The mountains near my home in Ogden were no longer a blur of beige and green. I could read the blackboard in class.

Glasses were great at first but then I started to hate them. They slipped down my nose. They got scratched all the time or they were broken. I couldn’t see when I went swimming. And God forbid I should lose my glasses when I was camping. I would have been lost in the wilderness forever! Contact lenses? I couldn’t wear them. They turned my eyes into burning red holes that I could barely see out of after about an hour of wear.

Then, the miracle of laser vision correction…LASIK…and the glasses are gone forever. Dr. Hoopes has restored my eyesight to where it needs to be with a short, painless procedure. Now I don’t have to reach for a pair of glasses when I get up in the morning. I can ride my bike or work out at the gym without heavy, thick glasses sliding down my nose or fogging up. I don’t have to carry a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses with me and keep switching them back and forth.

The experience I had at Hoopes Vision was top shelf all the way. I got the most thorough eye exam I’d ever had and everyone was friendly and professional. It’s probably the only surgical procedure I’ve ever had that I could say was actually kind of fun. Thanks, Dr. Hoopes.