Thank you, moms!


Did you hear the news? It is the time to celebrate moms of all kinds on Mother's Day – and every day. Traditional moms, step-moms, single moms, foster moms, and women who don't have children but have influenced and impacted our kids; those "moms" often get overlooked. So here's to the women who ARE moms in every way.

Mothers are amazing; we owe them their hard work and sacrifices. From Uber drivers to personal chefs and everything in between, moms are some of the hardest-working people. This Mother's Day, Hoopes Vision is honoring and celebrating moms of every kind, everywhere, all month long: thank you, moms!

  • Schedule a VIM (Very Important Mom) consultation by the end of May and save $1300.00 ($650.00 off per eye) on your LASIK or PRK procedure.
  • Your MOMS ONLY special price is $1800.00 per eye. Normally $2450.00 per eye.
  • Use the secret code: MOMNESS

A few things you'll need to know.

Not valid with any other offer, discount, or procedure. Expires 6/14/2023. Call for details. Discount applies to bilateral procedures only. Offer not valid toward already purchased services. LASIK is not for everyone. As with any surgery, there is some risk. During your consultation, you will be told if you are a LASIK candidate, if another procedure may be better, or if you are not a candidate for vision correction surgery. Risks and benefits will be discussed in detail to allow you to make an educated decision.

Schedule a VIM(Very Important Mom) consultation by June 14, 2023, and save $1300.00 ($650.00 off per eye) on your LASIK or PRK procedure.

Hoopes Vision is offering these wonderful moms an exclusive special on LASIK for the entire month of May. Ready to enjoy life without the hassle of glasses and contacts every day?