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Warning: Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses

The solar eclipse is less than a week away and with the rise in counterfeit eclipse glasses, we want to provide you with the most updated list of approved eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewer manufacturers directly from the American Astronomical Society(AAS).

·         American Paper Optics

·         APM Telescopes

·         Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film only)

·         Celestron

·         DayStar

·         Explore Scientific

·         Halo Solar Eclipse Spectacles

·         Lunt Solar Systems

·         Meade Instruments

·         Rainbow Symphony

·         Seymour Solar

·         Solar Eclipse Internation/Cangan County Qiwei Craft Co.

·         Thousand Oaks Optical

·         TSE 17/110th.de

Many locations have sold out of the ISO-approved viewers (remember to look for the ISO 12312-2 safety standard on the glasses), but visit the AAS website for more information on the approved manufacturers and vendors.

At no point during the partial eclipse should you look directly at the sun. Looking directly at the eclipse, as intriguing as it is, can cause permanent damage to your retina. Sunglasses, no matter how dark, cannot prevent this damage from occurring. Only use approved eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers. If you are unable to acquire eclipse glasses or viewers before August 21, check out the shadows under a shade tree: they’ll all be crescent shaped. You can also create a pinhole projection and see the eclipse’s projected shadow (remember: don’t look directly at the sun without glasses, even through a pinhole or sunglasses!).

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