Golfer Mike Reid


In my business, I wanted to be certain that I went to a doctor who I could trust, and someone who had plenty of experience. I started calling friends in the healthcare field and asked them who has this kind of reputation and who I could trust with my eyes. The answer was unanimous: Hoopes Vision. My own optometrist recommended them. My brother-in-law, who is an ophthalmologist and could have performed the surgery himself, even told me to see Dr. Hoopes.

Postoperatively, the improvement was dramatic and by my check-up the next day, I was already 20/20. At my one week follow-up, my vision had improved to 20/15! I strongly recommend Hoopes Vision to anyone considering this life-changing miracle of modern medicine. I have sent several close friends to Hoopes Vision, and they are also thrilled with their results.

I recommend Dr. Hoopes and his staff to everyone.

Mike Reid
Professional Golfer