RSL-Hoopes Vision Winner

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Earlier this month we partnered with Real Salt Lake to thank a United States military veteran with free LASIK surgery.

RSL fans were asked to nominate an active duty service member or military veteran who needed LASIK, and many deserving candidates were considered.

Danielle Barnes was nominated by several friends and family members and chosen as our winner for her five years of service as an active duty sergeant in the US Army. In 2006 she was deployed to the Nuristan province in Afghanistan for 12 months, serving as a combat medic in the 3rd Brigade, 71st Cavalry. For her work in Afghanistan she was awarded a Combat Medic Badge and Gold Cavalry Spurs.

A new mother, Danielle now works as a nurse while pursuing a master’s degree.

We join with Real Salt Lake and Danielle’s friends and family in thanking her, and everyone else who has served and sacrificed for this country.


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