Dr. Hoopes Named to Premier Surgeon’s PS250 List – Hoopes Vision

Dr. Hoopes Named to Premier Surgeon’s PS250 List


Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Chief Surgeon of Hoopes Vision, was recently named to Premier Surgeon’s PS250 list. Premier Surgeon is a new trade publication focusing on premium lens implants and lens implant surgery. Premier Surgeon’s PS250 list recognizes 250 ophthalmic surgeons that are leaders and innovators in the field of premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs) and refractive surgery.

In a process similar to traditional cataract surgery, premium IOL lens implant surgery replaces the natural crystalline lens in the eye. However, unlike traditional cataract surgery implants, these newer lenses allow the patient to see at variable distances improving both distant and near vision. These newer implants are often an ideal choice for the active Baby Boomer who is now having difficulty seeing up close (relying on bifocals or reading glasses) and/or is in the beginning stages of developing cataracts. New research into improvement of lens implant surgery is continuing to make it easier, more comfortable and more precise for the surgeon and patient.














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