LASIK VISX® CustomVue™ with Iris Registration

The technological advancements of the VISX® CustomVue with iris registration allow for incredibly accurate and safe laser vision correction treatments.

A common complication that corrective lasers must account for is the movement of the eye during the course of surgery. Aligning the laser with the eye is a crucial measurement, as the precision of the alignment is closely related the accuracy and effectiveness of the procedure.

With the VISX® CustomVue™ laser with iris registration, the surgeons at Hoopes Vision can measure and follow eye movement with unprecedented accuracy. With precise measurements, the laser is able to locate and track the exact area that is to be treated. The speed and accuracy with which the VISX® CustomVue™ laser performs ensures outstanding results and a decreased risk of complications. Custom treatments using the VISX® CustomVue™ laser combined with IntraLase™ are commonly referred to as iLASIK™.

VISX™® CustomVue™ with iris registration (iLASIK™) is yet another excellent technological option offered at Hoopes Vision. To learn more about undergoing laser vision correction at Hoopes Vision in Sandy, Utah, please contact us today.