LASIK iFS IntraLase™ Laser

Years ago, Hoopes Vision introduced blade-free LASIK surgery to the area with the arrival of the Salt Lake City-area’s first IntraLase™ laser. This laser revolutionized the LASIK procedure by replacing the metal-bladed microkeratome with a silent, computer-guided laser. Prior to IntraLase, step one of the LASIK procedure involved making a thin flap of corneal tissue with a metal razor blade called a microkeratome. Although still considered to be quite safe, it was the riskiest part of a LASIK procedure. If a serious complication were to occur, it usually was the result of a microkeratome mishap or malfunction. IntraLase replaces the metal blade with a precise, silent, computer-guided laser resulting in a procedure that is 100 times more accurate than a bladed microkeratome. This gives greater assurance that step one of the LASIK eye surgery will be more accurate and safe, giving patients the best LASIK result possible. IntraLase™ flaps are also much thinner than microkeratome-made flaps. Because of this advancement, patients with thinner corneas who have been turned down in the past may now be able to have LASIK.

In summer of 2009, Hoopes Vision became the first Utah LASIK center to receive the newest upgraded version of IntraLase™ — the new iFS IntraLase™ laser. This completely redesigned 5th generation laser offers many advantages over older forms of IntraLase.

IntraLase™ allows the surgeons at our Salt Lake City-area practice to:

Provide our patients with a safer procedure by eliminating the more serious complications caused by the bladed microkeratome.
Provide an all-laser surgery for better precision and predictability.
Reduce dryness after surgery. Several reports have demonstrated less dryness after laser flap creation.
Reduce the amount of pressure buildup in the eye when compared to the bladed microkeratome. Doing so increases patient comfort and safety.
Create thinner flaps, freeing up more tissue so that we can operate on patients with thinner corneas.
Increase the chance of 20/20 vision or better.
Advantages of the new iFS IntraLase™ laser include:

Increased patient comfort.
Faster procedure (creates a flap in as little as nine seconds).
Enhanced safety features
Ability to make an inverted, bevel-in edge for the corneal flap. This modification allows the LASIK surgeon to tuck the edge of the flap underneath the periphery of the cornea rather than resting on top (see illustration). This has been shown to create stronger flap adherence, with less chance of striae (wrinkles) post LASIK.
The corneal flap can be created in an elliptical shape which has shown added benefit for patients with astigmatism.
Hoopes Vision is proud to be the first site in Utah to provide the new iFS IntraLase™ technology. If you have questions about IntraLASIK surgery, or would like to schedule a free LASIK exam to see if this new technology is right for you, please call Hoopes Vision in Salt Lake call (801) 568-0200 outside Salt Lake City call 1-877-30-LASIK.