Kris Sanford, Record-Breaking Hand Cyclist, Visited The Clinic Yesterday



6 years ago, Kris Sanford was in a rollover accident that left him with limited function in all four limbs and core. Last fall, Kris rode his hand-cycle from Idaho Falls to Huntington Beach in an effort to raise money to help other spinal cord injury patients. In doing so, he crushed the previous hand-cycling world record by more than 300 miles.

Kris stopped by our office yesterday, surprising us with this beautiful gift, in appreciation of our support of Spinal Ride. Kris had vision correction surgery at Hoopes Vision before embarking on his record-breaking ride and expressed his gratitude to Dr. Hoopes yesterday, stating that not having to deal with glasses or contacts during his journey made it much easier and more enjoyable. “The best part was the sunsets” Kris told us “It was also crucial that I was able to wear protective eye-wear. One-time a rock kicked up and hit my lens – if I had been wearing my glasses instead of my protective lenses, that could have been bad.”
Kris is still accepting donations that will be given to Neuroworx to aid them in building their new facility. To learn more, or to donate, visit











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