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Is LASIK Right for Me?

It won’t cost you a dime to visit Hoopes Vision and get an exam and detailed professional consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. You will walk away from this visit knowing how LASIK works and what the advantages and risks are for you — all for free.  Patient education is just one example of the excellent service offered at Hoopes Vision, a vision correction center that specializes in LASIK surgery, cataracts and lens implants.

“We focus heavily on patient education,” says Phillip Hoopes Sr., M.D., the founder of Hoopes Vision and the author of books about LASIK, cataracts and lens implants. These books are free to anyone interested in LASIK or other vision correction procedures. “Patient education is key. We want patients who come here to know what the options are out there, and to feel confi dent in their decision of whether or not to have surgery.”

The practice was designed from the start to specialize in LASIK, other refractive surgeries and cataracts. The LASIK suite at Hoopes Vision is home to more lasers than any other center in Utah. The suite, with six laser devices, features the latest and safest technologies in laser vision correction. The doctors are able to tell you which laser technology will be able to best address your unique vision.

To learn more, go to www.hoopesvision. com, or call Hoopes Vision to schedule a detailed LASIK consultation. It’s free.

For a complimentary copy of “What You Should Know about LASIK and Other Refractive Surgeries” or “Cataracts and Implants: a Guide for Patients and Their Families”by Dr. Hoopes and Dr. Hoopes, Jr. please call (801)568-0200.

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