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Hoopes Vision Performs First Topographically-Guided LASIK Procedures in Utah

Today, our laser refractive surgery team performed the first ever topographically-guided LASIK procedures in the state of Utah. Using the Wavelight EX-500 excimer laser, Hoopes Vision surgeons began a clinical study in which patients received topographically-guided treatment in one eye and wavefront-optimized treatment, which is the current state of the art in laser vision correction, in the other. By tracking these study patients’ outcomes over the postoperative period, our researchers will be able to compare the performance and results of the two methods.

In topographically-guided LASIK, detailed surface scans of the cornea, known as corneal topography maps, are used to plan the treatment and guide the excimer laser. Topographically-guided LASIK represents a step forward in precision over wavefront-guided LASIK: wavefront analyzers used in those procedures generally extrapolate the cornea’s shape through measurements taken at between 150 and 300 sites. Those measurements are based on aberrations in the light leaving the eye after reaching the retina, and are therefore limited by the patient’s pupil size (since light that never enters the eye cannot leave it). In comparison, the Alcon Topolyzer used in the procedures we performed today measures corneal curvature at over 20,000 sites. Since those measurements are based on reflection from the corneal tissue alone, they are unaffected by pupil size or other factors that can limit traditional wavefront readings.

While these differences point towards improved accuracy and potentially improved results for LASIK patients, our surgeons have a long history of acquiring and trying new technologies, then forming conclusions on their safety and efficacy based on the results of our own research. We look forward to bringing this promising advance in laser vision correction to Utah, and publishing the results of our comparison study.

If you have questions about topographically-guided LASIK, or any of our other vision correction procedures, please feel free to contact us through the contact form on the site or at 801.568.0200.

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