Hoopes Vision Introduces SMILE Laser Vision Correction to Utah

Today Dr. Moshirfar and Dr. Hoopes, Sr. will perform the first SMILE procedures in the state of Utah. If you’ve been told you’re not a candidate for LASIK, you may have a new reason to SMILE : ) SMILE, an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, was FDA approved in September of 2016. It is an innovative new method of performing laser eye surgery and Hoopes Vision will be among the first in the nation to perform this procedure. Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Sr., Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr., Dr. Majid Moshirfar, and Dr. Michael Bradley, will perform the procedure for the Hoopes team.

Corneal refractive surgery has been widely used to correct vision impairment for over 35 years. Advances in technology continue to push the field of vision correction forward. Developed by Zeiss, a German manufacturer of optical systems and lasers, SMILE opens the opportunity of laser vision correction to even more individuals who want to be free of glasses and contacts.
With this minimally invasive procedure, a microscopic “lenticule” (disc of tissue) is created inside the intact cornea and extracted through a small opening. SMILE is different in that it does not involve creating a corneal flap and studies show the SMILE technique offers excellent stability along with a reduced incidence of dry eye. It is another milestone in laser vision correction for many who have always dreamed of a life free of glasses and contacts but weren’t candidates for LASIK or other procedures for various reasons.

“For certain patients with dry eyes and other corneal surface issues, SMILE may be a great option,” said Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Sr. “This new procedure gives us one more advanced option in our toolbox to help each person achieve the best visual outcome for their individual life.” As with all laser eye surgery, the ideal procedure for each individual depends on a number of factors and is determined after comprehensive testing.

Want to learn more about the ReLEx SMILE procedure click here →

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