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First of its kind eye procedure now being performed in Utah

DRAPER, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A new state of the art eye procedure is now being performed in Utah. It’s called KAMRA. Hoopes Vision in Draper is the first surgical provider to perform it commercially.
Ted Garcia, a 54 year old building contractor in Utah, is excited about saying goodbye to his reading glasses.
“Putting my readers aside and tell my son, ‘Hey, remember when Dad used to wear readers?” said Ted, first commercial KAMRA patient in the U.S.
Garcia is the first FDA approved patient in the United States to receive the KAMRA implant, a tiny ring-shaped device that will let him see up close and far away without glasses.
“This surgery allows people to gain their near vision and does not affect their far vision,” said Dr. Phillip Hoopes Jr., surgeon at Hoopes Vision.
Hoopes Vision in Draper is the first medical practice in the United States to perform this procedure after FDA approval.
“This is a big first for our practice, a big first for Utah and a big first for the company AcuFocus. We’re just excited today to put the first one after FDA approval here in the United States,” said Hoopes.
Here’s how it works: AcuFocus (Irvine, California) developed KAMRA, a small disc about four millimeters in diameter with a hole in the center. Surgeons use a laser to create a pocket over the pupil, and then they place the disc in the pocket. The inlay works on basic principles of optics.
“Just like the F-Stop on a camera, it increases your depth of focus. A lot of people will know it because when they squint, they see better, or they make a little hole in a piece of paper they can sharpen up their vision. This is the exact same principle,” said Jeff Machat, MD, a visiting surgeon from Canada who is the highest volume KAMRA implanter in that country.
The procedure takes less than 15 minutes, and patients like Ted Garcia can say goodbye to their readers as early as in a week or two.
Ideal candidates for KAMRA are people between the ages of 45 and 65 who have noticed the progression of presbyopia, but whose eyes are otherwise healthy. Hoopes Vision is offering a complimentary screening exam and consultation for KAMRA. Anyone interested in the procedure can click on this link to the Hoopes Vision website.

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