First KAMRA™ Inlay Procedure-Hoopes Vision - Hoopes Vision

First KAMRA™ Inlay Procedure-Hoopes Vision

This Tuesday, May 19th, the first KAMRA™ corneal inlay procedures after FDA approval will take place at Hoopes Vision! We were honored to be chosen as the launch site, and are very excited to be the first provider in the entire country to offer this new technology that provides an exciting new option for patients over 40 who are tired of dealing with reading glasses. Look for coverage of the event on ABC4 News on Tuesday.

The KAMRA corneal inlay by AcuFocus is a tiny, ring-shaped device that is implanted in the cornea with the assistance of a laser. It is a quick, comfortable procedure with rapid recovery and excellent outcomes. Once in place, the KAMRA inlay improves the near vision that we start to lose in our 40s due to the condition known as presbyopia, a frustrating but natural part of the aging process, while preserving good distance vision. Hoopes Vision has been part of the FDA clinical trials of the KAMRA inlay for the past five years.

To learn more about the KAMRA procedure, or to schedule a consultation appointment to find out if KAMRA is right for you, please visit or call Hoopes Vision at 801.568.0200.

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