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Contacts And The Great Outdoors

Utah is an amazing place to live. Camping and hiking are popular activities enjoyed by many people, even during the winter months. Imagine waking up in the morning and breathing in that clean, crisp mountain air. Nothing like it, right? How about waking up in the morning to find your contacts dried up and frozen in your lens case? Sound familiar? So many of our patients have had their share of struggles when it comes to the great outdoors and their contacts. Here are some stories shared by other outdoor enthusiasts:

I made the mistake of wearing my contacts on a short 3-day, 15-mile trip. I say ‘mistake’ because there were small pockets of poison oak scattered near the trail. My dog must have gotten into it and then transferred it to me while playing/wrestling at the end of the day. Even after washing my hands thoroughly many times in the stream, it was transferred to my eyes when I went to take out my contacts at the end of the night. 24 hours later, my face was so badly swollen that one eye had completely swollen shut and the other almost. I will never wear contacts on the trail again.

I was hiking with my friends enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I was afraid of losing my favorite hat.  Turns out, I never lost the hat.  I lost one of my contacts because it was an extremely windy day.

I don’t know how bad your vision is, but if I couldn’t see for an entire trip, it would ruin a decent part of the experience for me. Also, make sure your bottle of solution has a really good seal. I’ve ran into the problem of having it leak all over my pack before.

Believe me, you are not going to want to deal with your contacts in the cold.  I’ve been in temperatures so cold that the little suckers will dry out and freeze before you get them to your eye!

Try cleaning your contacts when it’s freezing cold and you can’t move quick enough so you can dive back into your sleeping bag to get warm again. Not fun!

The struggle is real, people!

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