CATARACT Patient Spotlight Lord Graham Russell

While we’re always gratified when an athlete, celebrity, or public figure chooses Hoopes Vision for their vision correction needs, every single patient who walks through our doors is a VIP. We’re equally proud of all the police officers, nurses, students, and other people from everyday walks of life who have trusted us to take care of their precious sight. Here are some patients – your friends, neighbors, and co-workers – who have achieved great vision here at Hoopes Vision.


“My life as a constantly touring musician, but more importantly a composer, demands great levels of concentration; I need to read the small notes and write them down quickly and accurately as they come into my mind. Being told that I had cataracts was a reminder that my lifestyle was changing and I would need to make the decision to wear bifocals or at least glasses to keep up with my workload.

I tried glasses but they were always inconvenient for me. Then I heard about a new type of cataract surgery (multifocal implants) that would potentially give me back what I was quickly losing, being able to see like I needed to. Everyone I spoke to, including my own optometrist, Dr. Robert Briggs at Park City Vision Center, suggested Hoopes Vision for my surgery. I went for an examination to find out what it was all about. Our eyes are so much a part of who we are and I didn’t know if it was right for me, it seemed like a big step. I was undecided until I met Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr., and he explained everything in detail, what I could expect and what the future held either way. After the visit I was sold, the facility was like a family home and they were the nicest people and, I felt, very sincere. I had the surgery and wow! I saw things I hadn’t seen in years, close up and distant and the surgery took less than 15 minutes each eye. I would recommend Hoopes Vision to anyone that wants to get their eyes back and see the world close up. It will change the way you live!”

Lord Graham Russell

Air Supply singer and composer

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