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Hoopes Vision Salt Lake City - Dr. Phil Hoopes, Jr.


For Bill, “trust” is the word that comes to mind when describing Hoopes Vision in Salt Lake City.

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MR. BILL ALFRED: The first time I came to Hoopes Vision, I was impressed by the fact that they were extremely friendly, and yet at the same time, really professional. The word that comes that comes to mind to describe Hoopes Vision to me is trust. And what goes into that trust? It’s the people, of course. When you meet Dr. Hoopes, you trust him. You just—he’s a powerful guy. He’s a strong guy. And he’s a gentle guy at the same time. And I think, you know, you say I can trust this man. When he tells me something, I’m going to believe it. But it’s also the whole staff. You’re treated very professionally and kindly when you come in. And you think, well, I trust these people. And on every level, each one of them gives you that sense of trust and professionalism. And then even the physical surroundings, the way the building looks, the way the offices look are very professional. But at the same time, very calming. And it’s just a—I don’t know. I think trust is the word that comes to mind when dealing with Hoopes Vision.