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Patient Reassurance Salt Lake City


We strive to provide patient reassurance at our Salt Lake City LASIK clinic.

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MALE VOICE: When you are actually the one that’s laying on the table, I’m just like many, many other people who thought it’d be great to have great vision, not have to be tied down to my glasses. But when you’re actually laying there on the table, and you see that the machine starts coming down towards your eye, and you know, they tell you to hold your eye wide open, keep them as still as possible, you’re thinking, man, this is now—now we’re talking about serious business here. And I don’t want to mess this up at all. And your concentration level goes way up because you want to try and keep your eyes as still as possible. And you know, so it was a little bit scary at the moment, but it happened. But they—like I say, they told you exactly what was going to happen and step by step. And so I knew that everything was going to be just fine. It—there was a moment of fear when, you know, that actually touches your eye. And you know, and then things do go dark. But at the time, you know, they’d say okay, it’ll be dark for three or four seconds. And you know, and everything’s going to come right back. And that’s exactly the way it took place. It’s a pain free experience. You know, they do give some—they give you the option of having something to calm you down a little bit if you need to, if you get too worked up over it. But for the most part, it’s a very relaxing experience and one that is done so professionally that, you know, the worry was really taken out of it after my consultation with the doctor.