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Patient Profiles and Testimonials

LASIK Eye Surgery Testimonials from Our Salt Lake City, Utah-area Patients

Richard Paul Evans

New York Times Best Selling Author of The Christmas Box and Michael Vey, SLC Utah

"As a writer, I work my eyes pretty hard. As my vision got worse, I knew I had to do something. I had tried glasses, but they gave me a headache. Contacts were such a bother I just stopped wearing them. I had many friends who raved about LASIK surgery, but I was a little nervous about the procedure. I asked my assistant to research LASIK centers across the United States and find the best. Cost was no object. When she came back with the recommendation of Hoopes, just a few miles from my home, I was a little suspicious that she had opted for convenience. (I guess an expert is always in the next state.) But she defended her decision with some pretty impressive research. My consultation with Dr. Hoopes and his staff confirmed what my assistant had said. I felt completely confident in my decision and the procedure was quick and painless. The doctors at Hoopes took no chances: they checked my eyes over and over again to make sure everything was just right. I was kept informed every step of the way. After the surgery, my vision quickly became clear. Not only could I see trees on the mountains, but I realized it had been years since I had really seen the faces in the audiences I was speaking to! I was amazed at how much I had been missing! I'm not surprised that Hoopes has a national reputation. I've already recommended Hoopes to several family members."

Keri Evans

Wife of author, Richard Paul Evans

My eye problems began at the age of 10. By the time I was 15 I was wearing contact lenses. As the years went by my eye sight progressively got worse - to the point where I could not function without my lenses in all the time. My prescription was a -8.25 which means the big E on the test was a blur. I wasn't a candidate for Lasik or PRK. I was starting to lose hope until I got a call from Hoopes Vision last autumn telling me about Dr. Rivera and the new procedure ICL. I felt confident that the Hoopes would not recommend any procedure that they were not 100% sure would be safe and effective. The procedure was easy, painless and the recovery was quick. I went in and they inserted a new lens in my eyes. As soon as they finished I was able to see! For the first time in my life I had perfect vision. I am so grateful every day for my eyes. It's a whole new world for me, it has changed my life. Thank you Dr. Rivera and Hoopes!

Jenna Welch

Richard Paul Evans’ daughter

I can't believe what a difference LASIK eye surgery has made in my life! I wore glasses and contacts from the time I was eight years old, and I'll never forget the feeling I had right after my surgery when I realized I could see clearly all on my own. Great vision has made so many things more enjoyable. I've especially loved the summertime because I can swim without the fear of losing a contact. LASIK has also made exercising and travel much simpler (no more hauling around my contact cases and bottles of solution!). My eyes used to get irritated pretty often, and now I hardly ever think about them at all. As a new mother I've been especially grateful for my great vision--all of those midnight feedings would be a lot harder if I had to try to put in my contacts.

Hoopes Vision is a unique place. It will probably sound funny, but when I went in for my consultation and surgery I felt like I was at the spa. Everyone was very knowledgeable and attentive, and they have a lot of small details that really make you feel more comfortable (beautiful waiting rooms, comfortable exam chairs, and freshly baked cookies, anyone?). I was nervous about the surgery, but everyone at Hoopes put me at ease right away.

I can honestly say that corrected vision is one of the best gifts I've ever received, and I recommend Hoopes to everyone!

Allyson Evans

Richard Paul Evans’ daughter

I remember when I was in fifth grade begging my optometrists to let me get contacts. I had been wearing glasses since the 1st grade and couldn’t bear it anymore! It was this point that I began my 10-year relationship with contacts.

I had PRK in 2009. I was what they referred to as ‘a finger patient.’ My eyesight was so bad that I couldn’t see the largest letters they projected onto the wall. In fact, without contacts it was illegal for me to operate a vehicle. PRK couldn’t have been a better option. I suddenly found myself not having to panic about my contacts. After Lasik my vision was not only 20/20, it was better than 20/20!

The staff and physicians at Hoopes vision are wonderful. They are knowledgeable and personable. I have had a wonderful experience with Hoopes and would recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Bill Allred

Radio Personality

At Hoopes Vision our surgeons and staff continuously strive to perform safe and effective LASIK eye surgery for our patients from the Salt Lake City, Utah area and beyond. Our reputation as one of the leading LASIK practices in the country is justified not only by our facilities, surgeons, and record of successes, but also by the real-life experiences of the thousands of people who have walked out of our doors with better vision. Each of their stories serves as a testament to the professionalism, expertise, and dedication exhibited by our surgeons. If you would like to undergo LASIK eye surgery, please contact Hoopes Vision of the Salt Lake City, Utah area today to schedule a consultation.

David Brinkley

Legendary Broadcast Journalist, Wilson, WY

David M. Brinkley was referred to Dr. Hoopes for cataract surgery by his optometrist in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Brinkley was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and eventually rose to the pinnacle of media stardom. He not only reported the news but also helped to shape the industry of television news. Brinkley teamed with Chet Huntley for 14 seasons on the award winning and highly rated Huntley-Brinkley Report, where his renowned wit, singular delivery, and superb TV news writing style made him an institution in broadcast journalism. The two journalists became household names, famous for delivering the signoff "Good night, Chet. Good night, David." "Neither of us liked it," Brinkley said a few years ago. "Two guys on the air saying good night to each other didn't look quite right." The fame of Huntley-Brinkley reached far beyond the realm of journalism. In 1965, a consumer-research company found that the twosome was recognized by more adult Americans than John Wayne or the Beatles!

Brinkley joined ABC news in 1981 and was a mainstay for over 16 years. He received many awards, most notably the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he was given by President George Bush in 1992. In addition, he won 10 Emmy awards and three George Foster Peabody Awards. In 1997, Brinkley retired with a roar. After covering every presidential race since 1956 and 22 political conventions, the sometimes controversial Brinkley noted on-air that President Clinton "has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore and will always be a bore."

Brinkley passed away earlier last summer at the age of 82 in Houston. Hoopes Vision was pleased to have helped Brinkley see the world more clearly during the last years of his life.

Ray Noorda

ray noorda Former Novel CEO Ray Noorda was referred to Dr. Hoopes for cataract surgery. Computers were not made to be networked. However, Utah’s own Ray Noorda thought differently. Through his company, Novell, Inc., he is given credit for transforming these stand-alone devices by helping develop the network communication that has literally changed the infrastructure of corporations and the business world. These successes were pioneered by Novell in the 1980’s under Noorda’s leadership. He became known as the “Father of Network Computing.

The son of hard working Dutch Mormon immigrants, Noorda grew up in Ogden, Utah during the depression. He was also known as a hard worker and developed an extreme work ethic and passion for thrift. Even as chairman of Novell, a multibillion-dollar corporation, he kept a small office, flew coach, and discouraged extravagances by employees. He attended the University of Utah and obtained a degree in engineering. Another one of his major contributions was educating and training users to use their programs. This certifying system set a standard for computer training and education. Noorda passed away October, 2006. 

Mark Shurtleff

Utah Attorney General, Salt Lake City, UT

 "I would advise anyone considering LASIK eye surgery to do their own investigation and become knowledgeable and educated about the procedure. For me, I wanted the best surgeons and the best technology I could find. That is why I chose the surgeons at Hoopes Vision."


Dick Nourse

Former KSL News Anchor, Online Journalist

"For over 40 years I relied on my clear vision to bring Utah the latest news. However, not long ago I noticed my vision changing. When I was diagnosed with cataracts, I knew that deciding where to have my cataract surgery done was a choice that would affect my vision for the rest of my life. So, I researched my options very carefully and decided on Hoopes Vision. They’re experienced with the very latest technology, including new options that let you see near, far and in-between. The option that worked best for me was one of the newer high-tech implants that could also correct my astigmatism and give me an opportunity to see well without glasses.Now, for the first time in years, I can watch TV and read the newspaper without the hassle of glasses or contacts."

Cody Arnoux

Professional Soccer Player - Real Salt Lake

"As an athlete, dealing with contacts and glasses was a pain. I had several instances where I lost a contact lens during practice or a game and had to continue to play with only one. It was a hassle to have to bring extra contacts, solution, etc. everywhere I went. I have always wanted LASIK surgery, but didn’t want to trust just anyone with my vision. After meeting with Dr. Hoopes and having all of my questions answered, I felt extremely comfortable with my decision to have surgery at Hoopes Vision. The outcome is unbelievable. I’m seeing better now than I ever did with contacts or glasses. The procedure was easy and comfortable. I can’t wait to get out on the field this season with my new vision!"

Mike Weir

Professional Golfer

Mike Weir Golfer vision correction "15 years ago, I had corrective eye surgery to help my distance perception and green reading. In the past couple of years I’ve noticed that although I still see very well, my ability to read many small contours on the greens has decreased. I had a consultation with Dr. Hoopes, Jr. and decided to have an enhancement procedure to help me with this. I’ve been impressed with the technology and experience available at Hoopes Vision. Thanks Dr. Hoopes."

Kirk Chambers

Professional Football Player

"I cannot say enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Hoopes and his staff for the way they took care of me during my LASIK experience. I am now living without the hassle of contact lenses and loving every minute of it. My vision is currently better than 20/20, and I now see better after the procedure than I did with my contacts. My only regret is that I did not see Dr. Hoopes years ago. As a professional football player, I depend greatly on my vision to do my job. I simply cannot play if I cannot see. Losing a contact during a game is frustrating. I have had to sit out during games while I waited for a trainer to dig up a spare contact. Those days are gone. Also gone are the days of red irritated eyes because of wearing contact lenses for long periods of time. For years I would hear of how happy people were with their corrective procedure. Honestly, I cannot remember meeting anyone that has had LASIK that has not loved it. Many of my friends and teammates have had their eyes surgically corrected. I was always envious of how they did not have to deal with the hassles of contact lenses and glasses. I knew that I wanted to get my eyesight corrected. This lasted for years. The only thing keeping me from getting serious about getting my eyesight fixed was that I was really nervous. When it comes to getting a shot or going to the dentist I cringe and lock up. To me, I had the same mental block with LASIK. Dr. Hoopes helped me get over the initial nervousness and made me very confident in the decision to go ahead with the procedure. The procedure was a huge success and not that uncomfortable at all. I can honestly say the LASIK procedure is easier than getting dental work done. They have thought of everything to make the experience as painless as possible. I am so glad that I went to Hoopes Vision. They made the process easy and convenient. Thank you Dr. Hoopes."

Jackson Emery

Former BYU Basketball Star/Record Holder

"My experience with Hoopes Vision was incredible. The doctors took genuine interest with my situation and made sure that I received an exact diagnosis of what laser they needed to use on my eyes. If there was ever a doubt about the risks or professionalism of LASIK, Hoopes Vision removed those concerns. They were very professional and thorough. The day of surgery was not a stressful day of any sort. I was amazed on how short the surgery was. But I was even more amazed on the immediate results. The day after surgery I had 20/15 vision and was able to see 20/10 characters by my next doctor’s visit. Dr. Hoopes and his team are one of the most qualified practices in the country and on top of that, they have the best equipment available. Due to the results and my experience that I have had, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to wake up and have their vision back. Without a doubt, this was an easy decision for me and Hoopes Vision made it everything I had hoped for."

Mike Reid

PGA Professional Golfer, Clearfield, UT

Professional golf champion and former Brigham Young University All-American Mike Reid recently underwent customized wavefront IntraLASIK surgery at Hoopes Vision in Sandy, Utah. A 25-year veteran of the PGA Tour, Mike was preparing for entry into the Senior Tour in July 2004. He has two major PGA championships under his belt, the 1987 Seiko Tucson Open and the 1988 NEC World Series of Golf, and one international victory, the 1990 Casio World Open in Japan.

One of Mike Reid's distinguishing features is his accuracy off the tee, which allowed him to win the driving accuracy title in 1980. This ability and talent helped him earn the nickname "Radar." Because of this feature of his game, Mike was very concerned about any surgical procedure that might impair his ability to see well. After investigating his various options, Mike decided to undergo custom IntraLASIK, a new all-laser LASIK procedure that features the IntraLase™ FS laser for increased safety and precision. IntraLASIK employs this new laser to create the corneal flap as opposed to the razor blade that traditional LASIK uses. The IntraLase™ FS laser eliminates most of the more serious problems that can occur with the blade and increases the precision and accuracy of the procedure.

Mike Reid tells his story:

"I had thought about laser eye surgery for quite a while. Many of my colleagues on the PGA Tour had LASIK done in the nineties and in nearly every case were thrilled with the results. I held off for several reasons. I had astigmatism and wasn't sure how good of a candidate I would be, so I waited. Technology moved forward, and after the introduction of 'wavefront,' I decided it was time.

In my business, I wanted to be certain that I went to a doctor who I could trust, and someone who had plenty of experience. I started calling friends in the health care field and asked them who has this kind of reputation and who could I trust my eyes with. The answer was unanimous, Hoopes Vision. My own optometrist recommended them! My brother-in-law, who is an ophthalmologist, and could have performed the surgery himself, even told me to see Dr. Hoopes!

During my first visit, I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff. They addressed every concern and did so in a very friendly, matter-of-fact-way. I felt like I was ready to have surgery.

My wife and I drove up for the afternoon surgical appointment. It was an odd feeling leaving my glasses in the car. Honestly, it was a little scary, knowing that I would return to the car in a few hours with my vision changed forever!

After a visit, and a rehearsal of instructions with Dr. Hoopes, I was ready to go. I laid flat on the table, and numbing drops were put in my eyes. They worked quite well, as I didn't feel a thing as Dr. Hoopes performed the surgery.

The first step was to create the 'flap.' I used the IntraLase™ FS laser to create the flap because it is a safer and more precise method. I did not want anything to go wrong that might adversely affect my career! The procedure took approximately 40 seconds. This took some concentration, but Dr. Hoopes was 'talking' me through the whole thing so I felt I knew what was going on every step of the way. The other eye was done a moment later. The great thing about having the surgery now, compared to years ago, is the laser can actually track your eye movement!

Postoperatively, the improvement was dramatic and by my check-up the next day, I was already 20/20! I could read the time on my alarm clock the next morning! Less than a week later I headed off to Pebble Beach for a tournament. During practice, I was amazed at how comfortable I was not having to worry about my glasses. I felt I had more freedom with my golf swings. However, I knew the big test would come on the putting green. Would the slopes appear the same? Would I be able to judge distances better? My first putt was a 25-footer and to my total amazement and disbelief, it went in!

When I returned home I was seen for my one-week follow-up visit. My vision had improved to 20/15! Thrilled with my new 'High Definition Vision' that Custom wavefront and IntraLase™ has given me, I anxiously await the beginning of the Senior Tour this summer. Unfortunately, I will never again be able to blame my sub-par performance on my vision! I strongly recommend Custom wavefront LASIK and the surgeons at Hoopes Vision to anyone considering this life-changing miracle of modern medicine!"

Robin Fraser

Assistant Coach, Real Salt Lake

"My name is Robin Fraser, and I am an assistant coach with Real Salt Lake. I played soccer professionally for 17 years and with the U.S. National Team for many years as well.

I started wearing contact lenses and glasses in 1994. Since then, it has been an ongoing battle with my eyes. Tired eyes and blurry vision after a long day of contact lenses were just two of the many issues that arose frequently. Lenses would tear, and get worn…and those always happened at the least favorable times. As I travelled the world to play, I always had to plan well ahead, to make sure that I had extra lenses and enough solution to last the length of the trip.

There is a funny story that occurred during my second ever MLS game: I went up for a header in the first few minutes of the game. It was one that involved quite a bit of contact with an opposing player. As I landed, I realized that one of my eyes was not seeing clearly at all. Thinking that my contact lens must have fallen out, I ran over to the sideline to have my trainer look around in my eye to see if it was still in place. He said it wasn’t, and figured that I just had to keep on playing. So I played the entire game, basically with one eye. It was tremendously inconvenient, and extremely frustrating. I had some irritation in my eye, as if something was in there, but nothing could be found. On the bus ride back to the hotel after the game, I was looking out the window….and the lens just slipped down into place!! Here I had thought that I had lost it, and in reality, it had been displaced at the most inopportune time. On that day, as much as any other, I would have given anything not to need lenses!

Today, after having had lasik surgery, I can barely remember miserable times like that. Thanks to Dr Hoopes, my vision went from 20/100 to 20/15!! My vision is better than when I wore glasses, and a thousand times more convenient!! The surgery was a simple procedure that took only minutes. The staff at the Hoopes Vision Center were all fantastic. They made sure that I clearly understood every step that was coming, and spared no effort to ensure my comfort. The day I had the surgery, the results were instantaneous.

I keep thinking how much I wished I would have had this done while I was playing. It is amazing to be out on the field coaching now, and have clear vision with no maintenance necessary. This was a life changing experience, for which I am deeply thankful to Dr Hoopes."

Jazz Bear

Salt Lake City, UT

"I can't tell you how many times I have lost a contact during a game and have had to scramble to find another one or call it a night, because I couldnít see. I had fears about LASIK, but finally decided to look into it. After meeting with Dr. Hoopes, I felt very confident about the procedure. I chose Hoopes Vision because they have the newest, safest technology and the most experienced doctors. The best part is now that it is done, I donít have to worry about losing a contact during the game. So, thank you Dr. Hoopes and everyone at Hoopes Vision for being so nice and supportive of an old mascot."

Nicea Degering

Good Things Utah Co-Host, ABC 4, Salt Lake City

"No more putting in contacts at three o'clock in the morning, no more squinting at the cameras and bright lights, my LASIK surgery was totally painless and I had 20/20 vision within 8 hours. My friends joke that it was a Christmas miracle in March. I only wish I would've signed up for the miracle sooner! My vision has never been more clear."

Bryan Miller

Miller Motorsports Park

"Dr. Hoopes Sr. –

Thank you so very much. Everything old looks new again! As you know, I was very concerned about having LASIK, and I had a large amount of anxiety even just thinking about the procedure. I have been researching and considering it for YEARS. You quelled all my concerns and gave me the confidence I needed to finally go through with it.

Thank you.

I know you hear this all the time, but: 1) It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; 2) I should have done it years ago.

Everyone on your staff was professional, courteous and kind. Needless to say, I have been telling all of my family, friends, colleagues, and club members about how great my experience was and encouraging them to visit your office.

It was truly a life-changing event for me and I hope you know how very much I appreciate it. I can finally race cars and motorcycles without the hassle of lenses – something I haven’t been able to do at my own track until now!

Thank you very much!"

Bill Allred

X96 Radio From Hell Co-host, Salt Lake City, Utah

bill allred "I was a near-sighted little kid from about the age of 12. Actually I was nearsighted at a much earlier age…I just didn’t know it. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12 and was thrilled. I could see the individual leaves on the trees. The mountains near my home in Ogden were no longer a blur of beige and green. I could read the blackboard in class.

Glasses were great at first but then I started to hate them. They slipped down my nose. They got scratched all the time or they were broken. I couldn’t see when I went swimming. And God forbid I should lose my glasses when I was camping. I would have been lost in the wilderness forever! Contact lenses? I couldn’t wear them. They turned my eyes into burning red holes that I could barely see out of after about an hour of wear.

Then, the miracle of laser vision correction…Lasik…and the glasses are gone forever. Dr. Hoopes has restored my eyesight to where it needs to be with a short, painless procedure. Now I don’t have to reach for a pair of glasses when I get up in the morning. I can ride my bike or work out at the gym without heavy, thick glasses sliding down my nose or fogging up. I don’t have to carry a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses with me and keep switching them back and forth.

The experience I had at Hoopes-Alldredge Vision Institute was top shelf all the way. I got the most thorough eye exam I’d ever had and everyone was friendly and professional. It’s probably the only surgical procedure I’ve ever had that I could say was actually kind of fun. 

Thanks Dr. Hoopes."


Radio Personality 97.1

"I’ve been wearing contacts and glasses for 23 years and hated them, they just seemed so inconvenient. I KNOW I needed them to see but it was just a pain. When I found out there was a way to correct my vision I was SO excited! People who had done Lasik before me told me my life would change and I thought how could my life possibly change that much?? I just don’t have to wear glasses. They were NOT kidding!!! My life has changed and it’s all thanks to Hoopes Vision! I used to wake up and kick dogs, step on sharp things because I couldn’t see and I’d have to look for my glasses. Now I wake up and I can just…see! I had the WORST time wakeboarding because I was so paranoid I was going to lose a contact when I fell and if I don’t have my contacts in, I can’t see. I could NOT function in the world without assistance. I was paranoid when I traveled if I had extra contacts or if I remembered them and my glasses. I’m also a klutz and I broke my glasses monthly and that was costly. Sometimes, I‘d fall asleep in my contacts and the worst feeling ever is waking up with contacts literally stuck to my eyeballs. The very next day after Lasik I could see the fall colors ALL the way up to the top of the mountains! Something I could have NEVER seen before! It was absolutely amazing. There isn’t enough time to express to you how much I love my Lasik! I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else but Hoopes Vision, they explained everything thoroughly, were helpful, nice and most importantly…they are the best. This is my vision, it’s REALLY important to me…I only trust the best and the best is Hoopes Vision."

Taan Robrahn

Professional Snowboarder

"Hi, my name is Taan Robrahn and I was a member of the Australian National Snowboard Team (Boarder cross). I competed on the world cup tour for 6 years and represented Australia in 3 World Championships. I recently had Lasik at Hoopes Vision and it is AMAZING!! I have better vision now then I did with contacts, and it has helped with my snowboarding as well. The final tipping point where I knew I had to get Lasik was at a race in Canada. I was getting warmed up before my qualifying run and one of my contacts got dry and popped out into my goggle. As I took off my goggles and put my contact on my finger a random gust of wind came and blew my contact away. I ended up having to race only being able to see out of one eye. It had to be one of the scarier situations I have been in, hitting a 70-foot tabletop jump with three other guys right next to me. It probably would have been scarier for them if they knew I could only see out of one eye!!!

I figure that when it comes to your vision, you need to do your research and choose the best. Hoopes Vision was the most professional and experienced eye center I have ever been to and I would trust them with my vision any day."

Lord Graham Russell

Air Supply singer and composer

"My life as a constantly touring musician, but more importantly a composer, demands great levels of concentration; I need to read the small notes and write them down quickly and accurately as they come into my mind. Being told that I had cataracts was a reminder that my lifestyle was changing and I would need to make the decision to wear bifocals or at least glasses to keep up with my workload.

I tried glasses but they were always inconvenient for me. Then I heard about a new type of cataract surgery (multifocal implants) that would potentially give me back what I was quickly losing, being able to see like I needed to. Everyone I spoke to, including my own optometrist, Dr. Robert Briggs at Park City Vision Center, suggested Hoopes Vision for my surgery. I went for an examination to find out what it was all about. Our eyes are so much a part of who we are and I didn’t know if it was right for me, it seemed like a big step. I was undecided until I met Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr., and he explained everything in detail, what I could expect and what the future held either way. After the visit I was sold, the facility was like a family home and they were the nicest people and, I felt, very sincere. I had the surgery and wow! I saw things I hadn’t seen in years, close up and distant and the surgery took less than 15 minutes each eye. I would recommend Hoopes Vision to anyone that wants to get their eyes back and see the world close up. It will change the way you live!"

Steven J. Weaver, O.D.

Optometrist, Saratoga Springs, UT

"As an optometrist, I travel every other month to Alaska to provide eye care for the Native Alaskans. We travel by bush plane, snowmobile and sleds to very remote and rugged parts of Alaska. It was always a hassle to haul my glasses, contacts, and solutions on these trips and I decided it was time to do something about it. I had LASIK at Hoopes Vision and now see perfectly without my glasses or contacts.

Prior to LASIK, I had worn glasses and contacts every day of my life since elementary school. Although I had seen LASIK performed many times before, my experience with LASIK was even easier than I had anticipated. I also have two optometry practices in Utah and have had many patients who have also had remarkable results from their refractive surgery at Hoopes Vision. I can send my patients to Hoopes Vision for laser and cataract procedures and have full confidence that they are receiving the very best care and the very latest in technology."

Dan Young

“Dan The Laptopman” - CEO- PC Laptops LLC

"Hoopes Vision has changed my life forever! Being a computer nerd my eyeballs where starting to get worn out and my near sighted vision became debilitating. I didn’t enjoy wearing soda bottle glasses while skiing and enjoying insane video games. I was very nervous being I was only born with one set of eyeballs. The whole experience was incredible and exceeded my expectations. Thanks Dr. Hoopes. You are awesome!!"


Michael D. Brown, O.D.

Optometrist, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I am an independent doctor of Optometry located in West Valley City, Utah. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr Hoopes Jr & Sr for a number of years both in co-managing our patients refractive and cataract surgery as well as undergoing my own Lasik procedure.

I had wished for refractive surgery for myself for many years after it’s FDA approval but was told for a number of years that I was not a candidate. Once the technology was ready for my eyes I had to decide who I trusted with my vision. After seeing firsthand the excellent results for my patients I had referred to Dr. Hoopes, I realized there was only one facility I could choose, Hoopes Vision Center.

My experience was flawless from beginning to end. From the ease of appointment making, careful pre-operative measurements, the simplicity of the procedure itself to finally the follow up care. It was an experience I would do again and have now had the pleasure of co-managing many of my patients through the process.

Thank you to all of the doctors and staff at The Hoopes Vision Center and to anyone considering the procedure I urge you to act now and enjoy the ease of vision I now enjoy."


Radio Personality 101.9 The End, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I hated wearing my contact lenses - and worse, my back-up pair of glasses! Ever since I was in the 7th grade, and couldn’t see the chalk board (this was before whiteboard times), I’ve had to use glasses or contact lenses to see. I finally gave up on glasses in high school due to sports (it may have been geek factor as well) and went to contact lenses only.

Things seemed to work fine (other than the inconvenience of having to take them out at night, clean them, let alone the price of supplies etc…). It wasn’t until I was married and my first child came along. That’s when I started to think “What if something happens in the middle of the night and I can’t find my glasses - you know, like Velma from Scooby Doo. I’d be helpless and unable to do anything.” I couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to protect my family in the event of an emergency. That’s when I first started to look into LASIK surgery.

Hoopes Vision Center was the first place where I felt completely comfortable with the procedure. Plus, they have the most recent FDA approved lasers and tools at their disposal. The best part, however, was the treatment by Dr. Hoopes and his staff. They are unbelievable! They answered all my questions, explained the procedure in detail and gave me complete assurance that my eyes were in good care.

And they were! I could see with 20/20 vision by the following morning. It’s like have new eyes! Okay, so the eyes really aren’t new, but my life is definitely different and better because of my great vision. I don’t have to worry about forgetting my glasses or contact lenses supplies when I go out of town. I don’t have to worry about being blind while at the swimming pool. Visiting with Dr. Hoopes at the Hoopes Vision Center has changed my life forever!"

Michelle Yao

New Orleans

hoopes vision testimonial"My husband and I had heard about the good reputation of the surgeons at Hoopes Vision, here in New Orleans. I had been previously told that my corneas were too thin and my prescription was too high (-9.75) for LASIK or even PRK surgery. We made the trip in October 2011 and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Rivera explained that I was an ideal candidate for the ICL procedure, which I underwent the following day. I was comforted to learn that he has more experience placing this implant than any other surgeon in the country! I was amazed that I could see so well right after I sat up from the surgery. The next day my vision tested 20/15! Thank you Hoopes Vision for your skills, kind and caring ways. You will be receiving more patients from here I can assure you."

Nycole Rosen

There are no words to describe how happy I am with my “new” vision! Being able to see unaided for the first time in nearly two decades is such an overwhelming gift that I cannot thank Hoopes Vision enough for! I was very apprehensive and anxious prior to the surgery, but my mind was put to ease by the caring staff and the comfortable facility. Although there were plenty of other patients that day, I was treated like I was the only one and that everyone was there to take care of me. The surgery was painless and very quick. Within seconds after sitting up and looking around, I was in tears! I compare that moment to when I was given my newborn son in the hospital years ago. It’s life changing!

Thank you, Hoopes Vision, for this wonderful gift!

Dustin Godnick

Author/ Public Speaker, Taylorsville Utah

"Being in a wheelchair and not having normal hand function made contact and eye glass wearing very difficult. When it rained or I got smudges on my glasses I would need to ask someone to clean my lenses. And putting in my contacts…let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I know that putting in contacts isn’t just a bear for me. The other day I was laughing with my brother as he was swearing at the mirror while trying to put his contacts in.

I trusted Hoopes Vision and I couldn’t be happier. I wake up and… BAM… perfect vision. Their staff was very accommodating and addressed my individual needs. They ARE the best at what they do and I would recommend them to anyone seeking LASIK. The experience was a delight. Thank you Hoopes Vision! You helped make my life a lot easier."

Clay Ogden

Professional Golfer, Bountiful, Utah

"It has only been six weeks since my Lasik Eye Surgery, and the results have been incredible. I was hesitant to have any surgery performed on my eyes because of my career as a professional golfer. After discussing with other athletes, friends and family, the decision was easy. Hoopes Vision Center had the reputation, facilities and staff that I could trust with my vision.

I began wearing glasses when I was 15, and wore them throughout High School until I switched to contacts in College. My vision was very limited with glasses, and contacts make it easier but them seemed to always dry out being out in the elements everyday. I have played in one event since having the surgery, but the difference in my vision was amazing. I was a little concerned about being able to see the breaks in the greens like I was used to, but I could see them better than ever. It is easier to concentrate on my game rather than worry about my contact lenses drying out from the wind, and carrying extra pair of contacts in my bag. The surgery has given me a lot of freedom while practicing and playing, and I was able to win my first tournament fallowing surgery.

I really appreciate how comfortable the entire staff a Hoopes Vision Center made me feel during the entire Lasik experience. From the initial test to see if I qualified, the surgery itself, and the follow up visits, phone calls and text messages, you were the only Doctor I could trust with my vision.

Lasik Eye Surgery has given me the opportunity to see things better than I thought was possible, and the difference was noticeable the morning after my surgery. I can’t thank you enough for this life changing experience, and it would not have been possible without you. I appreciate all your support, and hope to give you more great tournaments to watch for the future. Thank you very much, my very best to you and your family."

Brian Taylor

Real Golf Radio, Thanksgiving Point, Utah

“My vision is amazing! I can’t believe how quickly it healed and how well I can see now – everything looks crystal clear as far as the eye can see. I was very impressed with Dr. Hoopes and the entire staff. The process is amazing and Dr. Hoopes really has it streamlined to make it easy on the patient. From the educational materials to the friendly staff to the impressive technology and even the fresh-baked cookies, the whole experience was handled to make me feel comfortable and confident that my decision was the right one to improve my vision. I will and have definitely recommended Hoopes Vision to my friends and family and will encourage all my listeners to not only consider LASIK for themselves, but to visit Hoopes to a full evaluation and consultation. I really think that a golfer who is serious about the game is doing themselves a disservice by not having this procedure done if they are a candidate.”

Devin Durrant

Former NBA Basketball Player, BYU All-American, Author/ Real Estate Investor

"Dr. Dr. Hoopes,

It’s been over six months now since you performed LASIK surgery on my eyes. Let me take a few minutes to thank you for doing your work so well.

I started wearing contacts in college and switched to glassed full-time when I stopped playing basketball for a living. I’ve worn contacts or glasses for the past 25 years.

I was very hesitant to have my eyesight corrected. More than anything, I was scared that something might go wrong. I didn’t mind wearing glasses, most of the time, so why should I take the risk of having my eyesight corrected. I enjoy swimming and running, so my glasses were only a bother when I got in the pool or went for a run.

For many years I got along fine with my glasses and my occasional use of contact lenses. Finally, I asked myself, “Why am I wearing glasses when there is technology available to correct my eyesight?” I decided to conquer my fears and explore my options. After a considerable amount of time and research, I decided to visit your office. You seemed to be the most experienced doctor in this part of the United States and you had the most modern equipment.

My initial visit in you office was a positive experience. Your staff was very professional. They gave my eyes a thorough examination and answered my many questions. When I met with you, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed. You also were very patient as I asked many more questions. If I was going to have eye surgery I wanted to have the most highly trained and skilled doctor available, regardless of the cost. I also wanted him to be using the latest technology available. I didn’t care if I liked him personally; I just wanted the best doctor available. After visiting with you, I felt I had found what I was looking for and on top of that I felt like I had found a new friend.

Well, as you can guess, I am happy that I made the decision to have you perform surgery on my eyes. I am so pleased with the results. My vision is 20/15 and I was even able to make out a couple of characters on the 20/10 line at my six month checkup.

In conclusion, thank you for all the time you have spent in your life preparing to help patients like me and so many others to leave our contacts and glasses behind and enjoy clear vision.

P.S. - Some old habits are hard to break. Occasionally, I still find myself looking for my glasses in the morning or wanting to pack contact lens solution or an extra pair of glasses when I travel. I’m sure I’ll get over those old habits soon. Thanks again."

Natalie Williams

Professional Basketball Player

Natalie Williams is considered one of the top female professional basketball players in the country. She has been voted USA basketball player of the year and Utah's Woman Athlete of the Century. She was selected as the 1998 ABL Most Valuable Player and was named to the West team for the inaugural WNBA All-Star game. Recently, she won an Olympic gold medal in Australia as a key player for the United States women's basketball team. Many believe that her efforts during the final minutes of the championship game sealed the victory for the Olympic team. Basketball wasn't the only sport that she excelled in. She was a Utah state long jump champion at Taylorsville High School. She represented the U.S. in volleyball at the 1991 and 1993 World University Games. After high school, Natalie attended UCLA, where she was a Kodak All-American in basketball. Natalie played most of her professional career with the Utah Starzz and now plays for the Indiana Fever. She also starred in the 2003 All-Star game.

"When I decided to have laser vision correction surgery, or LASIK, I naturally wanted to find the best surgeon, not the cheapest price. I was referred to Hoopes Vision where the surgeons are some of the most experienced and skillful in the country. Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes has participated in the development and studies that led to laser approval and acceptance. My surgery was over in no time and was painless. Now I can see better than 20/20 and am playing better than ever. Best of all, I don't have to worry about stopping the game to find my lost contacts!"

Shane Turpin

Professional Motorcycle Racer

"For 21 years I have been racing motorcycles professionally in the US. Racing at over 180 miles an hour requires quick reflexes, great vision, depth perception, and great focus. I never knew what I was missing on the track until I had my surgery. The clarity and the crispness of my new vision are unreal, and the staff at Hoopes Vision is UN-Believable. My vision at my 4 week post op visit was 20/15. With my new vision I can’t wait for the new race season. Thanks to Dr. Hoopes and the staff for everything."

Nate DiPalma

Speed Skater- 10K World Record Holder, National Champion 1500M

"As a professional athlete, I depend on my sight to perform my best. Simply put, perfect eyesight creates perfect physical balance. In speed skating you are balancing on a very thin blade. Proper balance leads to proper physical alignment which gives you the ability to generate power into the ice...and go fast! Dr. Hoopes brought me from 20/200 to 20/20 THE DAY AFTER my procedure! With perfect vision, my speed increased! The folks at Hoopes are very professional and knowledgeable. I also like that Dr.Hoopes has the best lasers around and has the most experience with those lasers. Within 24 hours; I was comfortable, saw an improved vision from 20/200 to 20/20 and was back to work. It is with great respect that I highly recommend Dr. Hoopes to perform any LASIK procedure. Thanks Dr. Hoopes!"

Koreen Eubank Walker

"I had LASIK surgery just before Christmas and want you to know how pleased I am with the results! My sister had Lasik done by someone else and the doctor over-corrected one eye, so when I was ready to have it done, she called her ophthalmologist. He recommended The Hoopes Vision Institute.

I did quite a bit of research before my free consultation and was already impressed. During the consultation, my opinion kept getting higher and higher!

There were 3 things that clinched my decision to have Dr. Hoopes perform my LASIK surgery: First was that Dr. Hoopes came in, personally, and met with me during my free consultation; second, the fact that Dr. Hoopes has the latest equipment, was very important to me; and the third thing that clinched my decision was your "See Clearly Guarantee." If you are confident enough to offer a guarantee, you must be one of the best!

At my three month check-up, my vision was exactly where we wanted it and I could not be more pleased with the results!! I have recommended you to everyone I know and will continue to do so! People may be able to have LASIK done for less money elsewhere, but Dr. Hoopes' experience and equipment make it worth every penny--these are my eyes and I don't trust my eyesight to anyone but Dr. Hoopes!

Thanks again!"

Jason Mackintosh

Minor League Pitcher, Tacoma Rainiers

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and Staff:

I just wanted to thank you for your excellence in performing my PRK eye surgery. I am a Triple-A Pitcher in the Seattle Mariners Organization and was having a hard time seeing during night games. I have battled wearing prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses throughout my entire career, but due to your outstanding skills I now have 20/20 vision and much more confidence every time I take the field. Before the PRK surgery, my astigmatism was so bad that contacts just didn’t work properly. They would shift around and focus in and out while I was pitching, which caused me to cross up my signs from the catcher and loose confidence at key moments during the game.

I have definitely seen a huge improvement in my vision since the surgery. I am filled with confidence each morning when I wake up and realize I can see again without the inconvenience of wearing uncomfortable eyewear. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to better her/her vision. On the day of my PRK surgery I was a little nervous, as anyone would be; however, I felt very comfortable after meeting and talking to your incredible staff. The entire procedure took less than fifteen minutes, and then I was on my way to better sight. The experience was amazing and has changed my life.

Thank you so much!"

Cas Knies, MPH

Laboratory Director - SLCWRF Laboratory

"My name is Cas Knies and it has been a little over a month when I had my Lasik procedure done at Hoopes Vision. After allowing my eyes to recuperate for a couple of days, every day since has truly been a 'wow' experience!

To be able to see clearly from the moment of waking up in the morning without wearing glasses has unquestionably been one of the best experiences in my life! I had been very nearsighted for many years with an astigmatism in my left eye and when I lost the ability to read up close last year, I decided to look for a solution to my eyesight issues.

I am a scientist by trade, and so I researched all of my options very meticulously. Based on Hoopes Vision's professional and technological excellence, there was no doubt in my mind that they were the leaders in their field.

Dr. Hoopes Sr. and his staff have been very professional and helpful throughout the procedure. They put me right at ease and talked me through the entire process of getting my Lasik done. Starting from the initial consultation right through post surgery has been a wonderful experience. I decided that 'monovision' was the best decision for me and I have been very satisfied indeed with the outcome."

Whitney Webster

Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University, Draper, UT

"I would encourage everyone I know who wears contacts or glasses to consider LASIK vision correction, and if they want excellent care and fantastic results I recommend Hoopes Vision. This surgery is worth every cent and I would have absolutely no qualms about doing it over again. My vision is amazing, my surgery was fast and easy, and the recovery incredibly quick and painless. I can't believe after 15 years, I no longer have to rely on glasses or contacts."

Dr. Chris Hammond

Dentist, Provo, UT

 "I had never envisioned the impact that LASIK would have on my life, both professionally as a dentist and personally as a father and husband. It’s so much easier and enjoyable to lead an active lifestyle. I only wish I had done it sooner. The freedom to live without glasses has literally changed my life."


Scott H. Mumford, M.D

Pediatrician, American Fork, UT

"As a pediatrician I was constantly dealing with my young patients pulling my glasses off. Unable to tolerate contacts, I finally made the decision to have laser eye surgery. Expecting to have LASIK I was disappointed to find I had thin corneas and was not a candidate. Dr. Hoopes informed me that PRK would be a reasonable alternative. I am now three months out from my PRK and my vision is 20/15. My total experience with Hoopes Vision has been positive. My expectations have been exceeded. I now enjoy running marathons, swimming, skiing and taking care of my young patients without the inconvenience of glasses. I am exceedingly grateful to Hoopes Vision for making my laser vision correction experience so successful. I would recommend them to anyone interested in laser vision correction."

Rebekah Law

Singer/Actress, Nashville, Tennessee

 "I recommend anyone seeking this modern-day miracle of vision correction to trust the most knowledgeable, technologically advanced LASIK professionals available – at Hoopes Institute. My vision was so horrible that Hoopes was the only institute willing and competent enough to perform the surgery. For almost 20 years, I had been enslaved to coke-bottle glasses and expensive contact maintenance. Now, after the very quick and comfortable procedure, I have the vision of a pilot and a deep gratitude for this truly life-enhancing fortune. Eyesight is too precious to negotiate with mediocrity. Hoopes IS excellence!"

Charles V. Pledger, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Provo, Utah

"I am a practicing plastic surgeon who had RK in each eye about 13 years ago. I was still required to wear glasses (which I dislike). Obviously, my vision is very important to me. I was reluctant to try any other procedures because of my RK failure. Dr. Hoopes told me of his new laser and the remarkable results he has obtained with it. When I consulted with him, he suggested I try 'mono vision,' that is, I see at a distance with one eye, and up close with the other. My results have been like a miracle for me. I don't need glasses. The only time I wear glasses anymore is during surgery to allow me to see up-close with both eyes. My LASIK procedure has really changed my life."

Mister West

107.5 The End, Salt Lake City, UT

Listen to his testimonial

"I got so tired of dealing with contacts and glasses, that I finally stopped wearing either for a while. I had an astigmatism in one eye and I'd just let the good eye do most of the work. When I went in for a new eye exam, the doctor asked me, 'You didn't drive yourself here, did you?' I knew then that I wanted to look into LASIK surgery, but the idea made me very nervous. Scalpels, lasers and eyeballs don't seem like a good combination! But once I visited Hoopes Vision, I felt much better about the idea. The staff couldn't have been nicer and Dr. Hoopes answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. He even let me watch other procedures. I first received the IntraLASIK procedure - which meant advanced lasers created a corneal flap on the surface of my eye instead of a surgical razor blade. I decided I trust lasers more than blades and Dr. Hoopes explained that this procedure greatly reduces any post-op complications. He then performed the LASIK procedure (on an amazing machine designed by NASA scientists, no less!) and it was all over in a matter of seconds. I don't know what I was so nervous about. It was painless and quick. It's great to able to see so well without contacts or glasses! During my follow-up visits, Dr. Hoopes seems to be as excited about the results as I am. My wife and sister-in-law also received LASIK from Dr. Hoopes and they, too, are thrilled with the results. I recommend Dr. Hoopes and his staff to everyone!"

Vance Law

BYU Baseball Head Coach/Former Chicago Cubs All-Star MLB Baseball Player, Provo, Utah

"Since 1971, corrective lenses were required for me to play baseball from high school, to the major leagues. I had heard of LASIK, but was not sure I wanted to take the risk with the only set of eyes I have. I read about different doctors and clinics even visited one for an evaluation to see if I was a candidate, and then heard about the Hoopes Vision first from my sister-in-law, Carla, and then called a good friend, Mike Reid, who recommended Hoopes without reservation. From the first time I stepped into their beautiful facility, the treatment was first class, from the receptionists to the vision specialists to Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Jr. My surgery went smoothly and was pain-free and my vision tested 20/20 by the next day! It is nice not to be tied down to a set of glasses each morning when I wake up. As the head coach of the BYU baseball team, I am still enjoying baseball, but now I am enjoying it without glasses."

Erica Hansen

KOSY radio personality, Salt Lake City, UT

"I was scared to death to have anyone mess with my eyes. But Dr Hoopes and his staff were so great they calmed my fears. I totally trust Dr. Hoopes! I now have 20/15 vision, have gotten rid of my glasses and now have precious extra room in my purse! Thank you!"



James S. Bowman

North Logan, Utah

"Dear Dr. Hoopes,

I had really meant to write a lot sooner, but just let the opportunities pass me by, until now. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me, in correcting my vision.

I had been a wearer of either glasses or contact lenses since the second grade. That is pretty close to forty years! Since my surgery, I no longer have to worry about reaching for glasses or putting a piece of plastic into my eye every morning, before I can function normally.

I have no words that can really express my feelings regarding my newly corrected vision. I remember the same evening of my surgery I could see fairly well without glasses or contacts. I was so overjoyed at the results I stood on the balcony of my downtown Salt Lake hotel, looking out at the city and cried. My vision has steadily improved from that day and has stabilized for the most part.

I would also like to thank your friendly and courteous staff. Everyone I have ever come in contact with at your facility has treated me like royalty. I have always felt like I was the most important patient in the place while there.

Once again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done for me."

Kimball Crofts

Plastic Surgeon, Provo, Utah

"Corrective LASIK surgery is amazing! It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I would have done it years ago if I had known what a difference it would have made. I considered having it done about 2 years ago but didn’t feel good about it at the time and opted to wait. I’m glad I did! Dr. Hoopes used the new ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 laser – now my eyes are corrected and with confidence! No more contacts, contact solutions, irritated eyes, lost contacts wakeboarding or glasses! It has been amazing to get up and see the alarm and to clearly see the beautiful mountains and lakes all without glasses or contacts! That first morning after surgery was truly a treat – I could hardly contain myself! Even my staff noticed my excitement that morning and ever since. As a surgeon and patient I recognize and appreciate Hoopes Vision's expertise and their staff’s professionalism."

Ed Peterson

Salt Lake City, UT

"I have worn glasses since I was 6 yrs old. I thought they were just a way of life.

I wore contacts through high school and college. When playing competitive basketball and other sports they were not convenient.

Contacts were always uncomfortable to wear and painful.

When I heard about getting LASIK at Hoopes Vision, I was both excited and skeptical…… And worried . In my first visit, I was impressed with amount of time Dr. Hoopes spent answering any question that either my wife or I had. I felt like everything was checked out thoroughly.

Day of surgery I was very nervous and scared but again the entire staff from nurses to the techs to Dr. Hoopes spent a ton of time telling me exactly what was going to happen and waiting until I was ready to go. Lasik surgery itself was much easier and painless than I thought and very quick. The morning following my surgery I woke up and was amazed at looking at the alarm clock 4 ft away and could see it clearly for the first time.

At my 1 day Post Operative appt. my eyes felt great and my vision is so clear…..just about 20/20.

Reason I recommend Dr. Hoopes is he first treated me like a person, spent lots of time with me, made me feel comfortable with entire process. I could not be happier with my experience and the results of no more glasses."


Angi Williams


"I had worn contact lenses since I was 12 yrs old, so when my husband got me Lasik surgery for my birthday last year I was thrilled. He did a lot of research, both on the internet and through word of mouth, and we kept coming back to Hoopes Vision.  We found many other places offering all sorts of deals, but when it came right down to it we decided that my vision wasn't something we wanted to skimp on. Hoopes had the technology and the experience we were looking for. I can't say enough about the service I received.  The staff made sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way.  Now, a year later, my vision is better than I ever could have hoped for.  I am seeing 20/15!  It truly is a whole new world!  As a mother of young children, I am thrilled to be able to climb out of bed (often, at all hours of the night) and not have to give my vision a single thought.  What a difference this is from years of squinting and searching for my glasses in these instances. I keep reminding myself not to take the difference for granted.  For the time being, I still see my husband dealing with his contacts, so that helps me remember to count my blessing.  Soon he will have his LASIK done at Hoopes and we can take our perfect vision for granted together."

Pat Valdez

Command Sergeant Major, United States Army

"For over 28 years I have been a soldier and have been exposed to dangerous environments. My eyes have been hard to protect while wearing corrective glasses with goggles. During airborne operations it is difficult to see while jumping and not expose your eyes to high winds. After my procedure I was deployed to Iraq and felt fully confident with my vision in all situations. While flying or conducting convoys I was able to protect my eyes without fogging. My new vision allowed me see in all tactical environments. I was able to see with no limitations and was fully capable to complete my mission.

Blue Skies!"

Heather McPhie

US Ski Team, Park City Utah

"LASIK eye surgery is a procedure I have contemplated for a few years now. As a mogul skier on the US Ski Team, every competition I compete in is important. Several times I have had my contacts blur while I am part way through my mogul run, or upside down in a backflip. This is the main reason I decided to have the surgery, however I had no idea how incredible it would be for daily life as well. In years past I have had two other preliminary appointments from other eye centers, but was not comfortable enough to trust them with surgery on my eyes. At Hoopes Vision Center, everyone from the first person I talked to was friendly, informed, and I was encouraged to ask questions. At my preliminary appointment, every person I worked with introduced themselves, explained what they were doing, and had a smile on their face. When I met Doctor Hoopes at the first appointment, he was personable, and took the time to review my chart, and walked me through what to expect during the surgery. It was also impressive that I never waited even ten minutes to start my exams, or the procedure. They were very clear with the instructions throughout the process, and whenever I had questions they got back to me the same day. Now, three weeks after my surgery some of the main changes I have noticed include: waking up able to see, not dealing with the hassle of contact lenses and glasses, and I am seeing better than I ever did with my prescription eyewear! Thanks to Dr. Hoopes and the rest of the staff at Hoopes Vision Center, I am looking forward to training and competing without fear of not being able to see at any given moment. Thanks, Dr. Hoopes!"

Heather McPhie
US Ski Team, Park City Utah

Darby 94.9 ZROCK

Salt Lake City, Utah

"My experience with Dr. Hoopes and his incredible staff could not have been better. From the very first consultation, to the actual LASIK procedure, I felt completely at ease because I knew I was in good hands. I had opportunities to go elsewhere but didn't even consider it. Hoopes Vision is the best in the business without question. I still can't get over how easy it was for me and how great it is to leave my glasses behind! I love my spectacle free life! Thank you to everyone at Hoopes Vision!"

Darby 94.9 ZROCK,
Salt Lake City Utah

Jay Hill

Football Coach (Kickers), University of Utah

"Getting LASIK was one of the best things I have done. Eyes are obviously an integral part of ones success as a player and a coach. Glasses don’t work in athletics for many reasons, but for me contacts were worse. I lost so many contacts on the field. When I switched to soft contacts, I struggled with them drying out at the wrong time. When I would run they would shift and cause a blur, usually at the worst times. I wish I could have had LASIK surgery while I was a player. Now as a coach I see the field clearly. In the box or on the field, vision is never an issue; in fact it’s an advantage. I see things sharp and clear. Even my golf game has improved now that I can see so much better and I am able to track the golf ball with more precision. My duty coaching kickers at UTAH has been aided by better vision. I see clearly the rotation of the laces on the football and angle of the ball as it leaves the kickers foot and exactly how it flies in the air. Such information has allowed great success with our kickers at the ‘U”. My leisure time and coaching career have both been greatly enhanced due to my eye surgery performed by Hoopes Vision, BUT what I love most about what Dr. Hoopes did for me… when the alarm goes off early in the morning I can actually roll over and see the numbers on the clock. I open my eyes and FEEL awake; Dr. Hoopes improved my life forever."

Jay Hill
Specialty Coordinator
Football Coach (kickers) University of Utah
Former Buffalo Bills football player

Laura Carnagie

American Fork

"I have worn glasses since I was  in elementary school.  I love my sight.  I had a great aunt who went blind so from a young age I was aware of the fact that people loose their sight during many stages of life.  I was thankful for my glasses.  They helped me see.  When I was in Jr. High School I wanted the glasses to be more of a fashion statement than a necessity.  So being the brave soul that I was I picked out a pair of the "coolest" pink heart shaped glasses.  Wow let me tell you people noticed them.  They noticed them a little too much. They were short lived and ended up being packed away.  

In High School when I began driving I had to deal with the sun glaring into my eyes.  Instead of those awful clip on shades, out came those long lost heart shaped glasses and I had them tinted to use as  my sunglasses.  When I was in college I bought my first pair of contacts.  My life changed.  So did my dating.  Ha! Ha! Lets just say my boyfriend who later became my husband did not mind the glasses disappearing. For many years I wore the contacts during the day and the glasses at night. 

Over the years a few family members of mine had the Lasik done in Michigan.  They were pleased but talked of halo's and night vision differences.  I wanted to wait until the technology improved and had been tried and tested on many others before I had it done.  About 2 years ago I decided that the process had been around long enough so I began researching the best doctors.  Guess what they were right here in Utah. 

After learning that Dr. Hoopes was involved in the trials and evaluations that later were part of the recommendations to the FDA helped me feel more secure with my decision of " If I was to have LASIK,  I wanted it done by him." Some one who was not only a pioneer but who was also a specialist within the specialty of LASIK.   I had my first consult with the Staff at Hoopes Vision.  I was told that I was a candidate  for the procedure. I scheduled to have the Surgery done a few weeks later.  Well I got home and "Chickened" out.  I called the next day and cancelled my appointment. A month later my father came into town from out of state for a visit and said he was having his eyes checked by Dr. Hoopes and that he would be having a full lens replacement of both eyes.  It has been over a year now and He loves his "new eyes".    I decided that if I was ever going to have LASIK done NOW was the time. 

I had another consult and evaluation done by Dr. Hoopes staff.  This time I scheduled the surgery and had it done.  "What was my problem?!"  I can not believe that I put myself thru another year and a half of suffering with my contacts that would dry out and become scratchy.  Only to be so surprised now.  My vision was fairly bad.  20/400 + Now I can see better than 20/15 with no astigmatism.  I was asked by a friend if I can see as well now as I could with my contacts.  I truly see more clearly.  I can count trees on the rim of the mountains way off in the distance and I can instantly see up close to read.  I am very athletic,  I run, bike and race walk.  I would love to learn to swim (no lost contacts in the water).  I love being active and now I do not have to slow down to fix a contact or put drops in to my eyes to wet the contacts any more.  A miracle has been performed.  I was a part of one.  Dr. Hoopes performs these types of miracles every day.  "

Thank you Dr. Hoopes Sr.   
A very pleased,  Laura Carnagie

Lowell Snow

Attorney, North Salt Lake City, UT

"Having investigated surgeons and procedures for over 4 years I knew I wanted to have an experienced, trusted surgeon who uses the most current technology available. Even with my presbyopia, Dr. Hoopes' LASIK procedure produced a wonderful result and I couldn't be a happier patient."

Danny K. Carrol, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

"Corrective eye surgery has significantly improved my life style and made performing surgery much easier for me. The whole procedure was painless and only took a few minutes. I have known Dr. Hoopes for years and respect his skills and abilities."

Truman Hunt

CEO of NuSkin Enterprises, Inc., Sandy, UT

"If I had the choice, would I do it again? Yes, I certainly would! Corrective eye surgery has definitely been a positive decision for me."

Milton D. Thomas, MD

Medical Director, Outpatient Services, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, Dallas, Texas

"Since Dr. Hoopes performed monovision LASIK corrective surgery, my vision has been outstanding! It is such a pleasure to be able to see without the assistance of glasses – both for reading and distance vision. I have known Dr. Hoopes for years and recommend him without hesitation."

Alan C. Carter, DDS, MS

Orthodontist, Highland, UT

"Eliminating those irritating contacts and seeing 20/20 has improved every aspect of my life. Biking, running, swimming and golfing are now so much more enjoyable. My eyes are comfortable at work which helps me care for my patients. Dr. Hoopes has given me a wonderful gift."

Kim G. Roberts, DDS

Dentist, Alpine, UT

"I am extremely pleased with my LASIK experience at Hoopes Vision . Dr. Hoopes came highly recommended and I felt I was treated with the utmost of care every step of the way. Because of the nature of my work and my interest in outdoor activities, it has been a great thing to no longer depend on glasses or contact lenses."

Jeanette Crotchett

Salt Lake City, UT

"I love my 'new eyes,' and I want to thank you for your expertise in making that happen for me as well. You truly are a talented surgeon. Thank you again and again."

Jennifer Rawlings

Eagle Mountain, UT

"Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I love being able to see without glasses or contacts. It's so wonderful. Thank you for your immense generosity in using the Allegretto WAVE™ IQ 400 laser. The staff there are all so kind and helpful. I will and do recommend you to everyone I talk to about my eyes."

Sheri L. Speak, OD


"When I decided to have laser vision surgery, I wanted only the very best. Dr. Hoopes performed the procedure and my personal results are excellent. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience his surgical skills professionally."

Robert L. Youngblood, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Salt Lake City, Utah/ Las Vegas, Nevada

"I am deeply grateful for the surgery that you performed for me, not only restoring my vision, but greatly improving it over what I had endured all of my life. My experience in your clinic was reassuring throughout, and painless. At 74 years of age, it is a delight for me to be able to read, drive and work without glasses. I only wish that you had been available 55 years ago. Your skills would have made it possible for me to be the aircraft pilot that I always wanted to be. However, I know that many other will have their lives changed and improved, due to your excellent services. God bless you in your work."

Karl M. Francis, DDS, FAIDS

Spanish Fork, Utah

"My only regret about having corrective eye surgery is that I wish I had done it sooner. Being an orthodontist, I rely totally on my vision; therefore, I did a lot of investigating to find the surgeon with the most experience and best skills. That is why I selected Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes. Not only does he have the experience and skills, but the integrity to make sure the intended results have been achieved."

Ray Gessele

Glendale, AZ

"Thank you very much for the eye surgery that you performed on me. You have a first-class staff at your facility. They were very nice and took the time to answer any questions that I had. You don't find that very much anymore in the medical field. It has only been two weeks since my surgery and I have already given out the extra pamphlets that were given to me. I have recommended you to most of my fiends because I know they will be in the good hands when they come to you."

Barry Woods, MD


"Dr. Hoopes not only is a skillful and attentive surgeon, but my results have been excellent and I would do it again without hesitation."

Ronald Sharp, MD

Pediatric Surgeon

"Having LASIK by Dr. Hoopes has been a life changing experience for me. I can now perform surgery without the problems and hassles of worrying about my thick glasses getting in the way. It is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Philip McKinlely, JD


"My glasses were thick and I felt they interfered with my ability to communicate with clients and juries. After Dr. Hoopes performed LASIK on me, my world seemed to change for the better. The freedom and self-confidence I now experience makes the price of the procedure well worth it."

Carolyn Winegar

Teacher, Draper, UT

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and Staff,

I just drove my husband to Vernal and back to attend my 50th high school class reunion. That doesn't seem so unusual, but this time it was with my naked eyes and a pair of dollar sun glasses.....and I did all the driving!! For 60 years we have traveled that road and I have worn either thick glasses or contacts. So, it was quite momentous to stay at the wheel and observe the details on the mountains and the leaves on the trees. It is especially wonderful to read the road signs again. The whole experience at your clinic is like no other. The staff has been informative and personable. Dr. Hoopes is kind and thorough and efficient."

Diane Clarke

Educator, Provo, Utah

"Dr. Hoopes,

Thank you so much for your skill, care, and precaution in performing my LASIK surgery earlier this month! You did a wonderful job and your staff was great at coaching me through the operation and post-op recovery. I was understandably concerned going in to the operation about my chances for full correction (coming down from -7.00 diopters). I know I was pretty obnoxious with all of my questions, but I appreciate you helping me to be as informed at possible. At my one-week post-op appointment, I was seeing 20/20 in each eye and even better with both eyes together. My vision is better than I remember it in contacts! I am extremely pleased, and grateful!"

Paula Hughes

Austin, Texas

"Dr. Hoopes and staff,

Thank you for another successful surgery. The world is beautiful!"

Kim Wilcox

State of Utah Department of Health, West Jordan, UT

"Just wanted to thank you for restoring my vision. I haven't been able to see this good in over 25 years! What a gift you have! I think you and all your staff are wonderful. I love you guys! Thanks for everything."

Christie Banks

CPA, Orem, Utah

"Amazing! Amazing how this great LASIK restored my sight to me. I once wore glasses oh so thick, I was blind, but now I see. Just wanted to thank you for restoring my sight! It's wonderful to be able to see again! I appreciated everyone's kindness, and the detailed explanations of the process."

Annette Mead

North Salt Lake, Utah

"Dr. Hoopes & Staff:

I am so excited about being able to see! Thank you so much for your cure. Your office is so friendly and helpful!"

Sharon Paulsen

Teacher, Orem, Utah

"Dr. Hoopes and Staff,

I'm most grateful for the excellent care and service for my recent eye surgery. It is wonder to see so clearly!"

Mia Rodriquez

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Dr. Hoopes,

I just wanted to write a note to tell you thank you for doing my eyes. I can't believe how well I can see and how minimal the discomfort was. It's awesome! During the actual operation, I was somewhat afraid. But there were several things that helped me. Your staff were great! They didn't make me feel dumb and helped me relax and feel like everything was going to be OK. Finally, there was you. Having the surgery by someone I trust really helped. Knowing that I was safe because you were there meant everything."

Dixie Lewis

Springville, Utah

"Dear Dr. Hoopes,

Just a note to thank you again for the marvelous job you did on my LASIK surgery. I am thrilled! I'm seeing 20/20! Thank you for your many years of schooling and experience. Between you and the Lord, I feel I've been blessed with a miracle. You're the best! Your staff did a great job also. Please have them send me at least a dozen more brochures. I have a lot more interested people."

Susan Child

Draper, Utah

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and Fantastic Staff,

I am certain that you receive thank you's from the many people you have helped by restoring their vision, but we want to thank you for returning our mother to us. On Monday, as I was taking her to visit our father at the nursing home, she commented on the snow on the mountains, the bright sunshine, and began reading every sign she saw. For the first time in along time, she knew where we were. Her attitude has changed from feeble to excited. She is getting up earlier and staying up later. She is happy again! Words can't express how grateful we are to all of you not only for the return of her vision, but for the kindness and caring shown to her (and us) by Every Single Person There."

Jeremy Keele

Student, Orem, UT

"Thank you for the great job on my LASIK surgery. My wife and I made the trip up to Sandy from Provo and were overjoyed from the moment we walked into the Hoopes Center. Not only was it the most beautiful office/surgical setting we have ever seen (not that it was the most important consideration for me, but it helped), but also we were immediately taken by the courtesy and friendliness of the staff. They treated us with respect, and really contrasted with experiences we had at other LASIK centers. In our initial consultation, almost the entire staff went out of their way to meet us, and to get to know us on a first-name basis.

In contrast to other LASIK centers, we were actually allowed to meet the surgeon, Dr. Hoopes himself, on the day of the initial consultation. He was very straightforward and told us exactly what my situation was like, even using actual data.

My vision is now 20/15, and I can see details I have never been able to see. I can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and water-skiing. I can fully participate in all of my favorite activities. I feel so happy and lucky to have found Hoopes Vision. They have become good friends, and I will always be grateful to them for granting me the precious gift of sight!"

Robert W. Benda

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I recently had LASIK performed on my eyes by Dr. Hoopes and his fabulous staff. First and most importantly, my vision is awesome! I was a skeptic about the procedure at first because vision is not to be taken lightly. But I now see better than I have in my entire life and words can't express how much that means. I was just marveling at how well I can see and how much I enjoyed being at the beach last week and not worrying about the headaches of glasses or contacts.

Second, I would like to make a special note of praise about Dr. Hoopes' staff. From the moment I was greeted by the receptionist and through the entire process, I felt as if my friends were treating me. I have never experienced a nicer, more informative medical staff, and I certainly have never felt so at ease and confident that I would be treated with the best care possible.

Thank you so much for the amazing gift of sight. It has made such a huge impact on many aspects of my life. Thanks as well for helping so many members of my family. I plan on sending everyone I know to Dr. Hoopes for all their vision needs!"

Delsa A. Moncur

Twin Falls, Idaho

"Dr. Hoopes,

I want to thank you so much for the miracle work you are engaged in. You performed LASIK surgery on my daughter. Her vision has been so poor since Jr. high school that she was 'legally blind' without her glasses or contacts. I've found the near perfect vision you have given her an incredible gift. I hadn't dared hope the surgery would be so successful and felt any major improvement would be well worth the surgery. I am so grateful we were fortunate enough to find the best in care and services right here in Utah!

We found your center extremely comfortable and the staff very professional and caring. We will certainly recommend you to everyone."

Carl W. James

Spanish Fork, UT

"After undergoing LASIK surgery I felt inclined to write this letter as a way to extend a special thanks. I feel I have been fortunate enough to get a taste of modern medicine or as I look at it, a miracle.

Hoping that I too would one day be able to benefit from this exceptional option to years of contacts and glasses led me to over a decade of cautious investigation on corrective eye surgery. I have had the opportunity to look at several different doctors and their businesses, by talking to friends and acquaintances about their experiences and having several interviews or screenings by many good specialists and eye institutes. I felt good about the answers and concerns that you had to offer.

You should be quite proud of your well-established medical practice, including your modern facilities, equipment, and professional staff. I hope that others may have the chance to receive what I consider to be the best possible eye surgery available."

Chuck Koronkowski

RN, Sandy, UT

"Having worn glasses since the second grade, I've dreamed of having perfect vision for a long time. Glasses were cumbersome and especially got in the way during sports. I hated being nearly blind when I went swimming. I have 20/20 vision since LASIK surgery. What a pleasure! I would recommend Dr. Hoopes and his caring nursing staff to anyone considering LASIK surgery."

Thomas J. Romrell

Bank President, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"It's a miracle! LASIK gave me the quality of life I was hoping for. The outcome I experienced is almost incomprehensible. Because it was my eyes and I did not want to compromise my vision, it was very important for me to find the best doctor and equipment available. I would recommend LASIK and Hoopes Vision to anyone considering the surgery."

Jeff Kelleher

Police Officer, Sandy, Utah

"When it comes to doing high risk things in my job, it's a lot easier knowing, confidence wise, that I don't have to worry about something that could be a liability. That if I had glasses or contacts knocked out, that could severely hamper me in doing my job. I truly believe that LASIK can benefit police officers, or firefighters or any public service type roles."

Jani Gamble

Mechanical Engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Go for it! Life without contacts is much better. I would recommend LASIK to anyone who is considering having the surgery and is a candidate. Everyone asks me, was I nervous? I really wasn't. At the suggestion of the staff at Hoopes Vision, I actually had a chance to watch a couple of surgeries the day before I had mine. I was amazed how smooth it went, how quick and easy the entire LASIK process was."

John Fry

Manager, Basix, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT

"After looking into laser eye surgery for years, I decided to have monovision at Hoopes Vision. I had previously been told that I had thin corneas but was able to have a new procedure that was able to spare additional tissue for any future enhancements I might require. My vision is now 20/15 in my distance eye! Needless to say, I'm most impressed with both the outcome as well as the effort to allow me to have future enhancements, if I need them. I believe the way patients having unusual conditions are accommodated and the newest and latest technology is available, says a lot about Hoopes Vision."

Mathew Coe

West Jordan, Utah

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Hoopes for changing my life. I went from 20/600, far-sighted with astigmatism, to 20/20. I can't tell you how much it has changed my life. Not having to deal with contacts or glasses was something I thought I would never experience. My dad was the same as me and you changed his life too. I just wanted to say thank-you for everything and I am sorry I didn't say it sooner."

Gary and Rebecca Boren

Tooele, Utah

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and Staff,

It seems like a miracle that I could be writing this note without wearing reading glasses. Thank you so much for focusing your talents and skills so that I could receive this gift. The operation of your vision institute was organized and showed attention to detail. Your joking personality Dr. Hoopes, put us at ease. While your concern, listening, and positive attitude inspired confidence in us. Not everyone could handle the intellectual and emotional pressure of such a job. Thank you for being up for the challenge."

Christine Nelson

Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and Crew,

Thank you for the new eyes! It has been fantastic to 'see the world' without glasses or the annoying contacts! I should have done this a long time ago."

David Shuck

Ft. Collins, CO

"What I first perceived as an allergic reaction to a new dog, turned out to be cataracts in both eyes. I never expected someone as young as me to ever need cataract surgery. I am in my 30's and my eyesight started to become very cloudy and blurry, like everything had a yellow, hazy film to it. I was referred to Dr. Hoopes by an optometrist in the area, and fortunately, Dr. Hoopes was able to correct my problem easily with the ReSTOR® lens. My eyesight is now 20/20 in the distance, and my near vision is equally as impressive. I can read the equivalent of newspaper print again, and I won't need glasses. It helped me regain a normal life.

I am thankful that a technology like this exists. The surgery was quick and the recovery was easy. I would recommend the ReSTOR® lens to anybody that may be offered this great procedure. I give my thanks to your great staff as well. They treated me as if I was family."

Bill Schlotthauer

Orem, UT

"Dear Dr. Hoopes and staff:

I began wearing glasses in the first grade. Because I was the first kid in my class to get glasses, I was teased by my classmates and shunned as 'Four Eyes'. For years, I dreamed of what life would be like without glasses, but my poor vision made that impractical. When contact lenses came out, I was eager to try them. However, my astigmatism and strong correction made that impossible.

I came to you two and a half years ago with thick lenses, a strong astigmatism, 20/4000 vision in my left eye, 20/2000 in the right, and little hope that you could do anything to help. Thanks to your care and skill, and that of your staff, my 43-year dream came true.

You and your staff have always been honest and up front with me about the results I could expect, and how my surgery and post-operative care would go. Everything has gone exactly as you said it would.

Thank you again for making my dream come true."

Kathie Lee

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I am so glad I was given the opportunity to meet you and your staff. I am grateful for your time and sacrifices. I appreciate your abilities and skills that you so successfully used and performed during my eye surgeries. I'm sure you and many others can appreciate how wonderful it is to clearly see again and not fear for our safety. What a blessing!"

Lynda Hallman

Orem, UT

"Dear Dr. Hoopes,

You probably get this all the time - but I wanted to tell you thank you for making my eyes like new again. I am writing this without glasses - a first in 15 years! I just am so happy and grateful and wanted you to know!

Blessings for your ability to do something that is life-changing. It was an answer to prayers for me."

Bryan Monson

Medical student, Allston, MA

"Dr. Hoopes,

A most sincere thank you for performing my lasik surgery. It is greatly appreciated. Your staff was so helpful and professional. The entire experience was just plain exciting to be involved with. My vision is excellent. Follow-up VA's were 20/10 - 1 OS and 20/10 - 2 OD. IT has been so nice working without glasses. Thank you for all you do. You are an excellent ophthalmologist and have always been a great mentor and example. Thank you once again."

Brenda Haymond

Sandy, UT

"Dear Dr. Hoopes

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the most wonderful, amazing, incredible miracle! For the first time in 43 years, since I was nine years old, I can see clearly without glasses or contacts. I am so happy and thrilled with my new eyesight! I have a new sense of freedom and security knowing I don't have to rely on contacts or glasses to see.

Twenty years ago my friend's husband got RK, and told us how great it was to not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. Ever since then, I have hoped that one day I could have my vision corrected.

Over the years, I read with interest about different surgeries and procedures as they were developed for vision correction, thinking, I want to get one of these some day. Meanwhile, I was disliking my contacts more and more. I thought it was crazy when I started having to wear corrective lenses (reading glasses) to correct my corrective lenses (contacts)!

Earlier this year I decided that now was the time, so I started researching more about LASIK. I read numerous web sites trying to learn what I could, and started visiting different places that offered this surgery. The fourth place I visited was Hoopes Vision, and I knew I had found the right place. Actually, before I had even come in for my first appointment there, I was thinking this would be the right place from what I had learned from your web site. Your book also explained things better than any other thing I had read.

As I was doing my research, my husband, Mark, became interested in getting LASIK also. He had worn glasses for many years and his last pair of glasses was not correcting his vision satisfactorily, even after about a dozen adjustments. So we both came in together for our first appointments there. Mark was able to schedule his surgery then, but since I had worn hard contacts for 37 years, I had to wait longer for my eyes to stabilize.

I was impressed with how careful and thorough Dr. Yardley was in all of my eye exams, since I know how important that is to provide you with the correct measurements for the refractive surgery. (Dr. Yardley saw me the most; Dr. Linn was also very good when he saw me.) After two more appointments, my eyes had stabilized after wearing glasses for ten weeks, and I was finally ready to have the surgery. Wow, what an exciting day! After twenty years of hoping and waiting, the day had finally come! All along, the entire staff was exceptional, always pleasant, helpful, and caring, and this day was no exception.

I am so grateful that we had the opportunity of having you as our surgeon. You not only have the best and most advanced technology and equipment, but have incredible experience, technique, skill, and expertise, plus you really care. You performed surgery on me that I don't think anyone else in the state could. The other places I visited would have done PRK (which I wasn't too excited about), and one well-known prominent place totally rejected me, saying I wasn't a candidate because my corneas were too thin and my correction too large. However, because you have the IntraLase™ and the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 lasers, you could correct my vision with LASIK. And I realize that, even with the technology and equipment being the best, having a highly skilled doctor such as you at the controls is even more important. Plus, it's not just operating the equipment well that is important. There are the parts of the surgery you do manually; e.g. I am amazed at the dexterity you have in handling those tiny instruments with such great precision in lifting and replacing the corneal flaps.

You corrected my vision so well! The calculations were just right and you expertly performed the surgery and gave me great monovision. I had wondered how I would like monovision. In the past I had tried leaving one contact out and one in, but the disparity between my eyes that way was so great that it would drive me batty after a couple of hours. But using reading glasses was such a bother that I knew I wanted to try monovision (having also learned that the reading eye would be partially corrected). I'm glad I did! With the full correction on my distance eye and just the right amount of correction on my reading eye that you gave me, I can see both distance and close up with no problem, and the monovision doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it's awesome! I can look out and see individual leaves on the trees, and look down and read small print! For someone whose vision was so bad that I couldn't even see the big E on the eye chart before, that's something incredible!

You talk about the 'wow' factor in your book. That's for sure! I feel like I've had an 'Extreme Makeover: Eye Edition!': Except this has been far more amazing than seeing a house built in seven days - my eyes were 'rebuilt' and I was seeing great in less that a day! I am both wowed and grateful for the miracle of my new eyesight.

Now Mark and I are telling everyone we possibly can that if they have ever considered getting LASIK, they should come to you. You're the best! And if they haven't ever considered LASIK, they should! For any kind of vision or eye problem, they should go to Hoopes Vision.

What a blessing you are to so many people! It must be rewarding for you to bring so much joy and happiness into the lives of so many people. I can't thank you enough, but this is a try!"

Sande Bell

Centerville, Utah

"Dr. Hoopes,

Intralase™/Lasik correction is the greatest miracle that has happened to my physical being since motherhood. You may recall that you first greeted me with the statement that I had one of the most severe prescriptions of myopia, with significant astigmatism, that you have treated. After four decades of struggling with this handicap, I was not at all surprised to learn that. The wonder is that the world is once again clearly visible to my natural eyes. I will be forever grateful to you and your associates for giving me nothing less than the gift of sight. I rejoice and thank you every time I open my eyes."

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