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Dr. Robert Rivera Receives Award from Arizona Magazine

By Hoopesvision on September 30, 2011

Dr. Robert Rivera, MD, surgeon and Director of Clinical Research at Hoopes Vision, recently received the prestigious “Readers’ Choice Award” from Lovin’ Life after 50, a retirement lifestyle magazine published in his previous home state of Arizona. Along with the honor came a commemorative statue as well as a plaque, which now resides in the patient waiting area of his new clinic – Hoopes Vision.
Dr. Rivera has been honored numerous times over the course of his career, by various medical and professional associations, for his contributions to research in ophthalmology. Among all those prestigious awards, however, this one has its own special place, as it was the result of direct votes from patients. This Readers’ Choice Award is testament to the high regard in which Dr. Rivera is held by the people of Phoenix, something that’s sure to be repeated here in greater Salt Lake City. Congratulations to Dr. Rivera from all of us here at Hoopes Vision!

Robert Rivera's Reader's Choice Award

Hoopes Vision is Gephardt Approved

By Hoopesvision on September 26, 2011

For years, people in Utah have trusted Bill Gephardt’s word. As host of the popular and long-running local KSL TV News segment “Get Gephardt,” he investigated dishonest businesses and service providers, holding them accountable for their actions. Since retiring from active television duty in 2010, he has launched the next phase in his consumer advocacy career: Gephardt Approved. Now, rather than rooting out unscrupulous businesses, he seeks out the best of the best, investigating their business practices and professional reputations thoroughly before declaring them “Gephardt Approved” and backing their services with his own guarantee.
We are proud to announce that Hoopes Vision is the first and only eye surgery center in Utah to be Gephardt Approved, for our achievements in LASIK, cataract surgery, implantable lenses (ICL), and other vision correction procedures. The honor wasn’t bestowed lightly: Bill spent considerable time researching clinical and surgical success rates, interviewing doctors, and visiting our clinic and surgery center on multiple occasions to witness first-hand the level of patient care Hoopes Vision delivers. Only after his thorough investigative process did he declare Hoopes Vision to be Gephardt Approved, profiling our clinic on his website (GephardtApproved.com) and backing us with his well-known guarantee.
Trust is everything when choosing any kind of service provider, but rarely is it as vitally important as in the realm of eye surgery, where you may truly have only one chance to “get it right.” We know that Utah trusts Bill Gephardt, and we’re honored that Bill trusts Hoopes Vision.

Sandy City Healing Fields 2011

By Hoopesvision on September 9, 2011

The terrorist attacks of September Eleventh in 2001 had a horrific impact on us as a nation and as individuals. At this time of year, we are reminded of the lives that were lost during this tragic event and of the strength of our country to come together and rise above the disaster.  Each year since this horrific event, a “healing field” consisting of more than 3,000 American flags – one for each victim – has been constructed on the grassy area of the Sandy City Promenade located just west of our office. As we look out our office windows, we are in awe by this beautiful display and filled with a sense of hope and American pride. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the attack on our country.  In honor of those who risked their lives, the 2011 Utah Healing Field Memorial will feature the dedication of a new monument titled, Hope Rising. The monument consists of a 9ft-tall bronze statue that depicts the three firemen who raised the American flag at Ground Zero, after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. At Hoopes Vision, we feel very fortunate to have this breathtaking demonstration just outside our doors to serve as a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in this great country. Thank you to all the military, police, firefighters and other public servants who work so hard to keep us safe. It has been our pleasure to get to know so many of you throughout the years.

We invite anyone interested to come and experience the power of this exhibit now through September 13th – and if you’d like to get a view from above, feel free to join us today on the fourth floor of the One Sandy Center.


ICL Seminar

By Hoopesvision on September 7, 2011

Dr. Robert P. Rivera conducts live ICL surgery

Dr. Robert P. Rivera conducts live ICL surgery-please be aware, this video contains actual surgery footage.

One of the hallmarks of Hoopes Vision is our commitment to continuing education – both internally, as we strive to stay at the forefront of vision correction technology, and externally, as we provide classes and seminars for our peers within the eye care community. As part of this commitment to gaining and sharing knowledge, Hoopes Vision hosted a historic seminar on Wednesday, August 31st: a live broadcast of an implantable collamer lens (ICL) surgery.
As over 75 local eye doctors watched from a conference room at the Hilton Garden Inn, and many more across the nation and around the world observed via live web stream, Dr. Robert P. Rivera performed an implantation of the STAAR Visian ICL lens. Dr. Rivera, who joined Hoopes Vision this summer, is an internationally recognized expert in implantable lens technology, and the most experienced ICL surgeon in the country. He has trained surgeons across the globe in the ICL procedure.
Dr. Rivera demonstrated his Short Interval Bilateral ICL Procedure, a protocol he pioneered at his previous practice in Arizona. The short interval procedure involves operating on both eyes at the same visit, a revolutionary improvement over the traditional protocol of operating on the patient’s eyes on two separate occasions – often days or even weeks apart. Dr. Rivera talked the audience through the roughly twenty-minute surgery, explaining that the patient in the demonstration surgery was severely nearsighted (prescription of -7.50 in one eye, -9.25 in the other!) and due to his relatively thin corneas, would not have been a suitable candidate for LASIK or PRK surgery. ICL surgery affords this patient, and many thousands of others like him, an opportunity for amazing vision that would have been impossible just a few short years ago.
Happy ending: one of the greatest things about ICL surgery in general, and the bilateral procedure in particular, is the incredibly fast recovery. Our demonstration patient, after a lifetime of being completely dependent on his glasses and contact lenses, was already seeing 20/20 out of both eyes at his post-op checkup the next morning!
The addition of Dr. Rivera and his expertise to the Hoopes Vision team, and the ICL seminar, are just another example of our ongoing commitment to representing the absolute best in vision correction. The ICL procedure is just one of the many exciting options available today for surgical vision correction. Our team of surgeons – Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Sr.; Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr.; Dr. Michael J. Bradley; and Dr. Robert Rivera – review each case and meet with each patient to discuss which of our available options will be the safest and offer the best possible visual result. This means that whether your best route to perfect vision is LASIK, PRK, ICLs, clear lens exchange, or a refractive cataract procedure with multifocal IOLs, Hoopes Vision is the name to trust for your vision correction needs.

LASIK in the movies

By Hoopesvision on September 1, 2011


August 12th marked the theatrical release of Final Destination 5, the latest installment in the successful horror film series. For the uninitiated, the stock plot of the Final Destination series is a group of (invariably young and good-looking) protagonists who by luck or premonition avoid some fatal disaster or other at the beginning of the movie, yet are unable to “cheat death,” as they perish one by one in increasingly absurd, exotic, and horrible ways for the remaining 90 minutes of gore-spattered screen time.

We at Hoopes Vision were amused to see that Final Destination 5 features one character, the lovely and unfortunate Olivia, who suffers a “tragic LASIK accident.” Poor Olivia, who clearly must have been courting disaster by trusting her eyes to a cut-rate, corporate LASIK center, is seen all alone in a dimly lit surgery room, screaming and writhing under a malfunctioning laser, with no doctor or surgical staff anywhere to be seen. It’s harrowing stuff.

Far from being upset or defensive at this terrifying depiction of the noble art of laser eye surgery, we were flattered! Evidently, the screenwriters didn’t think to write a death scene around LASIK until they were five films deep into the series and truly scraping the bottom of the idea barrel, making it manifestly safer than such suicidal practices as, for example:

- Driving a car or walking under a neon sign (Final Destination)
- Chasing pigeons, cooking on a gas grill, or riding in an elevator (Final Destination 2)
- Using a tanning bed, riding a roller coaster, or working at a hardware store (Final Destination 3)
- Standing near a chain link fence or owning a tow truck (The Final Destination)
So you see? If you’re daredevil enough to chase pigeons or stand near a chain link fence, you probably have nothing to fear from LASIK!

Ultimately, the laser “malfunction” is not how Olivia meets her doom. However, in the interest of clarity and accuracy, we thought we’d point out a few differences between the LASIK surgery scene in Final Destination 5 and what happens in a real, blade-free LASIK procedure at Hoopes Vision. To compare and contrast:

Final Destination: Patient and doctor are all alone in the room.
Hoopes Vision: Doctor, patient, and at least three surgical technicians are present.

Final Destination: The surgery room is practically pitch dark, with shades drawn.
Hoopes Vision: There are no shades, but a large glass wall through which your family and friends may observe the procedure.

Final Destination: The patient and the doctor are both bare-headed and the doctor doesn’t even have gloves on until the second shot of the scene.
Hoopes Vision: The doctor and all staff in the room are wearing surgical caps, masks, and gloves. The patient is wearing a sterile cap and shoe covers.

Final Destination: The doctor gets up and leaves the patient all alone in the room mid-procedure, because of an “incomplete record.”
Hoopes Vision: Are you kidding?

Final Destination: Poor Olivia gets a face full of laser because she can’t reach the “Emergency Off Switch.”
Hoopes Vision: The laser doesn’t run, period, unless the surgeon is sitting at it, pressing a foot pedal, and looking at the patient’s eyes through the operating microscope.

Final Destination: Scary music is playing.
Hoopes Vision: Nice music is playing.

In all seriousness, we’re extremely proud here at Hoopes Vision of our outstanding record of safety and great surgical results. For over a decade now, our practice has been a reflection of Dr. Hoopes’ unique vision: commitment to the latest and safest technology, paired with a level of personal care and attention that is second to none. We were the first clinic in Utah to offer a free See Clearly Guarantee, assuring our patients that not only will they survive the procedure, but will have great vision – now and for the rest of their lives.

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