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Lasik Laser Technology – Which Laser is Best?

By Hoopesvision on June 16, 2009

It can be confusing for someone looking into LASIK, trying to compare LASIK centers. Each place you go, will tell you why their laser is best. The truth is, no single laser is going to be the best for everyone. If it were that simple, all doctors would use the same laser. Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, so it makes sense that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, right? That’s why Hoopes Vision has brought together what they believe to be the most comprehensive group of on-site LASIK lasers anywhere in the country featuring 6 of the most advanced LASIK lasers available in the United States today.
Their laser suite is home to the nation’s first purchased Zeiss MEL80™ laser, Utah’s first Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400™, the Bausch & Lomb Technolas®, the Alcon LADARVision®, and the VISX CustomVue™ with Iris Registration (iLASIK®) excimer lasers, as well as the new, safer IntraLase™ FS60 laser (see below) for flap creation. Having multiple lasers on-site, as well as multiple vision correction treatment options, makes it possible for the doctors at Hoopes Vision to choose a surgical plan that optimizes your best vision outcome.
Perhaps you will benefit most from a custom wavefront iLASIK® procedure with the Visx CustomVue™ laser, or maybe a wavefront optimized custom treatment on the newest FDA approved Zeiss MEL80™ laser, combined with the safety of the IntraLase™ laser. Whatever technology you need to achieve the best results, chances are you’ll find it here at Hoopes Vision. Dr. Hoopes remarks, “Having experience with, and instant access to such a wide choice of lasers helps us truly customize each patient’s treatment. We are finding, based on our experience, that the best results are being achieved with the IntraLase™ laser for step one, and a wavefront optimized treatment provided by the newer lasers like Wavelight’s Allegretto Wave™, or Zeiss MEL80™, and we feel very fortunate that we still have the other lasers on-site for the few times we feel they will be of greater benefit.”
To schedule a complimentary LASIK exam, and find out which laser will work best for you, call (801)568-0200.

Night Time Vision and LASIK- New LASIK Lasers Improve Night Vision, Reduce Halo and Glare

By Hoopesvision on June 12, 2009

Night time halos and glare have been a common concern for patients considering LASIK. Early on, in the history of LASIK surgery, it was expected that some patients would have some increase in halo and glare at night. Lasers designed to perform traditional treatments and even wavefront guided treatments tend to flatten the cornea and induce or create spherical aberration. Finally, new lasers (Allegretto Wave® and Zeiss MEL80®) have been designed from the ground up to incorporate wavefront principles in every treatment, and maintain the round prolate curve to the cornea rather than flattening it. These lasers can preserve or improve quality of vision in regards to glare and night driving glare providing better vision both day and night.
The key is the ability of these new lasers to perform a wavefront optimized procedure. The use of wavefront optimized ablation prevents or reduces the induction of spherical aberrations. This results in a better night vision and less sensitivity to glare. The natural shape of the human cornea is aspheric. This means that all light rays meet in one sharp focus point. The Allegretto Wave® and Zeiss MEL80® laser systems perform an ablation with the objective of maintaining a natural postoperative corneal shape, thereby preserving the cornea’s asphericity. Every treatment is customized to the patient’s individual refraction and corneal curvature.
In the Allegretto Wave FDA trials, patients who have had their vision corrected with a wavefront optimized treatment generally reported night time vision quality to be as good as or better than before LASIK. The doctors at Hoopes Vision were early adopters of this new technology, and are the highest volume Allegretto Wave® users in the country. Dr. Phillip Hoopes notes “We obtained our Allegretto Wave® laser in August of 2004, and soon replaced it with the faster Allegretto Wave EyeQ 400®. Our results, using newer wavefront optimized lasers, have been the best I have seen. Not only are patients generally very happy with their vision both day and night, but the need for enhancement procedures to be done later on has dropped to nearly two percent.”
The company Alcon Laboratories seems to share Dr. Hoopes’ view. They have been impressed enough with the wavefront optimized technology that in 2008 they purchased Wavelight (the manufacturers of the Allegretto Wave®) and will be soon replacing their LadarVision® line of excimer lasers with the Allegretto Wave.
To see if wavefront optimized technology is right for you, please call (801)568-0200 and schedule a free consultation with a doctor at Hoopes Vision.

New laser technology can improve night time LASIK results.

New laser technology can improve night time LASIK results.

Hoopes Vision at Utah Optometric Association

By Hoopesvision on June 11, 2009

The Utah Optometric Association gathered together for their annual convention and continuing education meetings June 4th through June 7th in Midway, Utah. The Utah Optometric Association is a large group of optometrists in Utah that work together to promote optometry. Dr. Hoopes, Jr. gave an educational lecture to update optometrists on the surgical management of keratoconus.  Hoopes Vision also had a booth at the convention where we were able to touch bases with many of our co-managing Utah optometrists. Two of our LASIK patients also showed up at the booth – the Flash Fox and the Jazz Bear. Hoopes Vision is proud to be able to help support the optometric community and to be a part of helping optometrists to offer their patients the best in LASIK and cataract surgery through our co-management process.

Flash Fox goes online at Hoopes Vision Booth at UOA convention

Flash Fox goes online at Hoopes Vision booth at UOA convention

Utah Eye Doctor Chooses Hoopes for LASIK

By Hoopesvision on June 8, 2009


Dr. Jessica Graham is the latest Utah optometrist to choose Hoopes Vision for her own LASIK vision correction. Dr Graham is an optometrist who practices in Herriman Utah, has referred many patients to Hoopes Vision for LASIK surgery including her husband Troy. On Monday, May 18th it was her turn. Dr. Graham’s surgery was performed by Dr. Hoopes, who performed a custom, blade-free IntraLASIK procedure using the IntraLase laser for step one and the Allegretto Wave laser for the second part of the treatment. The next day she came in for her follow-up visit, and her vision was better than 20/20. It is always an honor to have an optometrist place their trust in doctor Hoopes to perform their LASIK procedure. Congratulations on your new vision, doctor Graham!



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