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Hoopes Vision Named Official LASIK Provider for Utah Jazz

By Hoopesvision on October 30, 2008

Hoopes Vision, Utah’s most technologically advanced LASIK center, announced that it has been named the official LASIK providers of the Utah Jazz. Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Medical Director of Hoopes Vision, commented, “We are honored to be named the Official LASIK Provider of the Utah Jazz. We know that the Jazz hold every aspect of what they do to the highest, most professional level. It’s rewarding to see the amount of trust that they have placed in our abilities. We are glad to assist the Jazz by helping to bring the team better vision when possible”. The Jazz Bear, the Utah Jazz’s legendary mascot, was the first member of the Utah Jazz to ditch his glasses and contacts at Hoopes Vision through LASIK surgery. The Jazz Bear’s surgery was performed by Dr. Hoopes in a two step process using the safer, blade-free IntraLase™ method for step one. Step two was performed using the Allegretto Wave™ laser, one of only three lasers in the state capable of performing a wavefront-optimized procedure (two of the three are at Hoopes Vision). According to Phillip C. Hoopes, Jr., M.D., “This specific combination was able to provide both the safest LASIK procedure available, and the sharpest vision under the varied lighting conditions that the Jazz Bear works in.”  “I couldn’t be happier with my vision.” stated the Jazz Bear. “I can’t tell you how many times I have lost a contact during a game and have had to scramble to find another one or call it a night, because I couldn’t see. I had fears about LASIK, but finally decided to look into it.  After meeting with Dr. Hoopes, I felt very confident about the procedure. I chose Hoopes Vision because they have the newest, safest technology and the most experienced doctors. The best part is now that it is done, I don’t have to worry about losing a contact during the game”

Hoopes Vision surgeons designated as Official Eye Care and LASIK Surgeons for Real Salt Lake soccer team

By Hoopesvision on October 20, 2008

 Real Salt Lake soccer team has selected Hoopes Vision as their Official Eye Care and LASIK providers. Real Salt Lake began playing in Major League Soccer in 2005. The team currently plays its home games at the brand new Rio Tinto Stadium. We were lucky enough to be in attendance for the first game in the new Rio Tino Stadium. It was a great game to watch, and the new stadium is fantastic. We are honored to be associated with Real Salt Lake as their official eye care an LASIK provider. Several Real Salt Lake players will be coming in for LASIK eye surgery after the current season. We will keep you updated! Here are a few pictures from the first game at the new stadium in Sandy, Utah.


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