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Laser Vision Correction Technology

LASIK Laser Technology - Allegretto Wave™, Femtosecond Laser - Salt Lake City, Utah Area

LASIK Laser Technology - Allegretto Wave™, Femtosecond Laser - Salt Lake City, Utah AreaHoopes Vision features more LASIK technology onsite than any other Utah LASIK center. The first practice in Utah to offer the iFS™ Femtosecond Laser, we are committed to providing only the safest and most advanced technology for the benefit of our patients' vision. We strongly believe that our patients deserve a variety of options so we find and use the ideal technology to suit their individual needs. No single laser can provide the best outcome for every patient. With several different all-laser LASIK platforms onsite, including the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and femtosecond laser, our Salt Lake City-area vision center, serving Provo, Ogden, and other communities throughout Utah, will have the technology available and the experience necessary to offer you the best solution for your unique vision needs.

Surgical Skill with the Latest LASIK Technology

Innovations in technology have streamlined the custom LASIK procedure. New LASIK technology provides more precise results through comprehensive digital mapping of the eye that documents aberrations and corneal irregularities that may have impeded a patient’s vision or reduced the efficacy of laser eye surgery in the past. Modern lasers track and scan the cornea to deliver consistent and effective results. These technological advances have also opened laser eye surgery to patients who would not have been considered good candidates in the past, including those with thin corneas, corneal scarring, and other corneal abnormalities. LASIK eye surgery is faster, more precise, and safer than ever before.

At Hoopes Vision, we combine precise surgical skill with the most current laser technology available, a combination necessary to obtaining the desired results for your refractive treatment. All of our lasers are FDA approved, allowing us to treat our patients with uncompromising safety.

iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser

Hoopes Vision was the first practice in Utah to use the iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser. An improvement upon the fourth-generation IntraLase™ FS Laser, the fifth-generation iFS™ Femtosecond Laser provides the same level of safety, precision, and high-quality results, but with increased speed and lower energy output to help reduce tissue inflammation. The iFS™ Laser is fully customizable and creates a corneal flap in less than 10 seconds. In addition, the new iFS™ Laser includes a high-resolution digital video microscope, a touch screen, and an ergonomic design, all of which help our surgeons provide you with a more comfortable LASIK experience.

iFS IntraLase™ Laser

Years ago, Hoopes Vision introduced blade-free LASIK surgery to the area with the arrival of the Salt Lake City-area’s first IntraLase™ laser. This laser revolutionized the LASIK procedure by replacing the metal-bladed microkeratome with a silent, computer-guided laser. Prior to IntraLase, step one of the LASIK procedure involved making a thin flap of corneal tissue with a metal razor blade called a microkeratome. Although still considered to be quite safe, it was the riskiest part of a LASIK procedure. If a serious complication were to occur, it usually was the result of a microkeratome mishap or malfunction. IntraLase replaces the metal blade with a precise, silent, computer-guided laser resulting in a procedure that is 100 times more accurate than a bladed microkeratome. This gives greater assurance that step one of the LASIK eye surgery will be more accurate and safe, giving patients the best LASIK result possible. IntraLase™ flaps are also much thinner than microkeratome-made flaps. Because of this advancement, patients with thinner corneas who have been turned down in the past may now be able to have LASIK.

In summer of 2009, Hoopes Vision became the first Utah LASIK center to receive the newest upgraded version of IntraLase™ -- the new iFS IntraLase™ laser. This completely redesigned 5th generation laser offers many advantages over older forms of IntraLase.

IntraLase™ allows the surgeons at our Salt Lake City-area practice to:

  • Provide our patients with a safer procedure by eliminating the more serious complications caused by the bladed microkeratome.
  • Provide an all-laser surgery for better precision and predictability.
  • Reduce dryness after surgery. Several reports have demonstrated less dryness after laser flap creation.
  • Reduce the amount of pressure buildup in the eye when compared to the bladed microkeratome. Doing so increases patient comfort and safety.
  • Create thinner flaps, freeing up more tissue so that we can operate on patients with thinner corneas.
  • Increase the chance of 20/20 vision or better.

Advantages of the new iFS IntraLase™ laser include:

  • Increased patient comfort.
  • Faster procedure (creates a flap in as little as nine seconds).
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Ability to make an inverted, bevel-in edge for the corneal flap. This modification allows the LASIK surgeon to tuck the edge of the flap underneath the periphery of the cornea rather than resting on top (see illustration). This has been shown to create stronger flap adherence, with less chance of striae (wrinkles) post LASIK.
  • The corneal flap can be created in an elliptical shape which has shown added benefit for patients with astigmatism.

Hoopes Vision is proud to be the first site in Utah to provide the new iFS IntraLase™ technology. If you have questions about IntraLASIK surgery, or would like to schedule a free LASIK exam to see if this new technology is right for you, please call Hoopes Vision in Salt Lake call (801) 568-0200 outside Salt Lake City call 1-877-30-LASIK.

ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser

Hoopes Vision is also proud to offer the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser (made by WaveLight AG, Erlangen, Germany) in a concerted effort to provide a choice of technology for patients who seek all-laser LASIK vision correction in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 brings a whole new dimension to laser vision correction. This laser is the best selling laser system internationally, and it accounted for 20 percent of the new laser sales in the US in its first year. This European-designed laser system utilizes PerfectPulse Technology™, which maximizes the chance of the procedure being safe and accurate.

We chose to invest in the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 laser because it offers superior clinical results with great speed, precision, and safety. We can now bring customized treatment to more patients than ever before, including patients with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 performs a "wavefront-optimized" correction rather than a wavefront-guided treatment. The difference is that the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 laser was built from the ground up using wavefront principles and algorithms. All other manufacturers retrofitted their lasers to allow wavefront treatments. Wavefront optimization creates a wavefront treatment profile that preserves as much of the prolate cornea as possible and minimizes the side effects of glare, haloes, and other symptoms of poor low-light vision.

Carl Zeiss MEL 80™ Laser

Hoopes Vision purchased the very first Carl Zeiss Mel 80™ excimer laser sold in the United States. As of August 2006, this was the latest laser to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration. It was delivered to us in April 2007. The new MEL 80™ is a fifth-generation laser and one of the fastest lasers available at our laser vision correction practice located in Sandy, Utah.

Internationally, there are over 750 MEL 80™ lasers installed, and the device has already proven itself as one of the leading excimer laser systems available. In the FDA clinical trials, 93 percent of patients treated with the laser were able to see 20/20 without further correction and 85 percent achieved a result within one half of a diopter of the intended correction.

The new MEL 80™ is extremely fast, shortening treatment time considerably. This shortened exposure time helps enable a faster visual recovery. The MEL 80™ also has a new, ultra-fast eye tracker. Your correction will be performed very precisely without dilating your pupil.

This laser has a very small spot size of only 0.7mm with Gaussian beam profile. This feature allows the finest corrections, with very smooth customized treatment surfaces. In addition, the MEL 80™ laser incorporates treatment optimization tools for maintaining the round, prolate contour of the cornea, which improves vision outcomes under dim light and at night. As a result, this tool for all-laser LASIK is greatly beneficial for our Salt Lake City-area patients, and we are proud to offer such cutting-edge technology.

Bausch & Lomb Technolas® 217 Laser

Using innovative technology that improves surgical accuracy, the Technolas® 217 laser far exceeded FDA benchmarks in clinical trials. This is a German-made laser, and it has been the most preferred and frequently used laser in the world outside of the United States. Dr. Phillip Hoopes' former practice in Kansas City performed some of the FDA clinical trials on this laser, allowing him to learn about its superior results firsthand.

The FDA Premarket Approval (PMA) clinical study results showed that 99.7 percent of all patients who had undergone laser vision correction surgery with the Technolas® 217 saw 20/40 or better without glasses or contact lenses; this rate is 14.7 percent higher than FDA guidance requires. Additionally, the results showed that 87.3 percent of all patients in the study saw 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses after the surgery.

Using the latest technology, the laser corrects refractive errors by utilizing its small beam profile to flatten the cornea centrally and then "polishes" the periphery, or transition zone, to produce an extremely smooth cornea. Hoopes Vision was fortunate to have received one of the first Technolas® lasers to be delivered after its approval on February 24, 2000. It is capable of performing wavefront-guided and traditional LASIK procedures. For many years this laser was among the most advanced available. We have stopped using the Technolas having found superior outcomes for our patients with more modern lasers such as the Allegretto Wave.

Alcon LADARVision® Laser

The Alcon LADARVision® autonomous excimer laser was acquired and installed at our practice in April 2001. It is a third-generation flying spot laser with the advantage of being approved to treat farsightedness and mixed astigmatism. This was also the first laser to gain FDA approval to begin performing custom wavefront ablations, making it the most advanced laser on the market.

The laser is also equipped with one of the fastest and most sophisticated tracking system in the industry. Designed by former NASA space engineers, this tracker locks onto the patient's eye using laser radar and follows any eye movements that might occur during the laser procedure. The laser radar tracking system was 6.7 times faster than any other tracker. This technology allowed the laser to correct higher-order aberrations by making custom LASIK procedures possible. As the only Utah vision practice to have performed extensive vision correction surgery with so many different all-laser LASIK technologies, Hoopes Vision in the greater Salt Lake City vicinity, is able to provide our patients the distinct advantage of hands-on experience to determine the best lasers on the market for vision correction. Hoopes Vision had stopped using the LadarVision laser some time ago in favor of results from newer lasers such as the Ziess MEL 80 and Allegretto EyeQ 400. 

VISX® CustomVue™ with Iris Registration

The technological advancements of the VISX® CustomVue with iris registration allow for incredibly accurate and safe laser vision correction treatments.

A common complication that corrective lasers must account for is the movement of the eye during the course of surgery. Aligning the laser with the eye is a crucial measurement, as the precision of the alignment is closely related the accuracy and effectiveness of the procedure.

With the VISX® CustomVue™ laser with iris registration, the surgeons at Hoopes Vision can measure and follow eye movement with unprecedented accuracy. With precise measurements, the laser is able to locate and track the exact area that is to be treated. The speed and accuracy with which the VISX® CustomVue™ laser performs ensures outstanding results and a decreased risk of complications. Custom treatments using the VISX® CustomVue™ laser combined with IntraLase™ are commonly referred to as iLASIK™.

VISX™® CustomVue™ with iris registration (iLASIK™) is yet another excellent technological option offered at Hoopes Vision. To learn more about undergoing laser vision correction at Hoopes Vision in Sandy, Utah, please contact us today.

The Difference between the Premium Quality LASIK Lasers

Our experienced LASIK surgeons will suggest a type of LASIK eye surgery based on the measurements taken during the consultation and the needs of the patient. While all of the LASIK lasers we use offer the safety and precision our patients have come to expect from Hoopes Vision, each laser is associated with a specific LASIK procedure, such as IntraLASIK, Custom LASIK, Wavefront-guided LASIK, Wavefront-optimized and traditional LASIK. The introduction of each new type of LASIK laser and associated technology allowed more people with refractive errors to qualify as candidates for laser eye surgery. It has also allowed us to further improve the vision quality of patients with common aberrations—giving them sharper results than were possible with the traditional LASIK procedure—without sacrificing the safety and efficacy of laser refractive surgery. Contact Hoopes Vision to learn more about the technology we utilize for LASIK laser eye surgery.   

Contact Us for Laser Vision Correction in Sandy, Utah

At Hoopes Vision, our surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing our patients with state-of-the-art technology that maximizes their chances of achieving optimal, satisfying vision results. Providing five all-laser LASIK vision correction system choices at our Salt Lake City-area practice in Sandy, Utah, Hoopes Vision has set itself apart from all other vision practices in the state as the only vision institute to offer so many all-laser LASIK options. In addition, with technologies such as the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™ Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser and the iFS™ femtosecond laser, custom LASIK can be an incredibly satisfying option for our Salt Lake City, Provo, and Odgen, Utah area patients. To learn more about our cutting-edge vision correction technologies, please contact Hoopes Vision.

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