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Laser Cataract Surgery Salt Lake City

laser refractive cataract surgery in utahHoopes Vision was the first practice in the world to offer multiple laser refractive cataract platforms: the Catalys Precision Laser Platform and the Alcon LenSx laser. We are now able to offer the widest range of customization in regard to laser cataract surgery to our patients and provide  a custom solution that will best match the unique aspects of each patient's vision needs.

Hoopes Vision is among the earliest adopters of a new advance in cataract treatment: laser-assisted cataract surgery. This new treatment automates the first steps in the cataract surgery procedure: the initial incisions (including additional incisions for correcting astigmatism, if necessary) and capsulotomy; and phacoemulsification, which is the breaking up of the cloudy natural lens in preparation for removal.  These steps, performed with hand-held blades and ultrasound probes in the traditional procedure, are performed by a fast, extremely accurate, computer-guided laser.  This leads to improved precision, which can be consistent with better surgical outcomes for patients.

Ophthalmology, and eye surgery in particular, is a branch of medicine where equipment and techniques are constantly evolving. Lasers, for example, have revolutionized the way vision problems are treated - think of the fact that LASIK, and laser eye surgery in general as we know it, didn't even exist just 30 years ago! Thanks to this ever-advancing laser technology, there is now a new addition to the list of eye care options that can dramatically improve the lives of patients with cataracts: laser cataract surgery.

The laser cataract surgery we perform at our Salt Lake City facility replaces some of the tools and steps in traditional cataract surgery with a computer-guided laser, known as a femtosecond laser. This laser makes cataract and lens replacement more accurate and precise than previously possible.

To learn more about the laser cataract surgery we offer at Hoopes Vision, one of Utah's premier eye care centers, contact our friendly staff to make an appointment. Our doctors will be more than happy to determine whether you qualify for this advanced and revolutionary procedure.


By taking traditional cataract surgery and replacing some of the tools and steps used to perform the procedure with the femtosecond laser, our surgeons can produce outstanding results with improved safety and precision. The laser creates more precise incisions than the traditional hand-held surgical blade procedure; incisions that close tighter once sealed and can reduce the chances of infection. By using a laser, much of the potential for human error is taken out of the equation. This helps make the procedure more reliable, with more consistent results.

Steps Replaced By Laser

Access incisions: The first step in cataract surgery is to make small incisions into the eye. In laser cataract surgery, these incisions are created by the femtosecond laser rather than the traditional hand-held blade.

Astigmatism correction: If the patient has any pre-existing astigmatism, the laser can now be used to correct it.

Capsulorhexis : The lens capsule surrounds the cataract affected lens, and must also be bypassed to access the lens. Normally another hand-held tool is used to create this opening, but it can now be performed by the Catalys™ Precision Laser System.

Lens fragmentation: To more easily remove the lens it is broken up into smaller, more extractable pieces. Before, this was done with metal "choppers" or ultrasonic probes, but here it is again replaced by the laser.

The remaining steps in the cataract surgery - removal of the soft parts of the lens by suction, and placement of the intraocular lens implant (IOL) - remain the same as in the traditional procedure. As with traditional cataract surgery, there are multiple IOL options to choose from, including multifocal lenses that can help you see both near and far.

The doctors and surgeons of Hoopes Vision will be evaluating new cataract patients for suitability for the new laser cataract procedure, and will be discussing it with the patients as a potential option when appropriate.

Learn More about Laser Cataract Surgery

When it comes to advanced eye care, Hoopes Vision has always been committed to providing the latest in technological advancement. This next step in cataract care is only being handled by the most skilled and qualified eye surgeons in the nation, so you can rest assured knowing your eyesight is in some of the most capable hands around. Find out what the future can hold for you! Schedule a consultation about our cataract laser surgery by contacting our Salt Lake City eye care center today.

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